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Samen met 19 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 8 dagen naar een constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 20 t/m 28 juli.

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Here are some general tasks that you might be doing: Sweeping the track (before/during/after), Using radio equipment (important to be alert during and between the runs), Notifying Goal/Start person in case of accident, any irregularity, rider's jam, dangerous and uncontrolled pack riding, Preparing the track before the start of each day (sweeping up, stacking up the hay bales), Collecting the garbage after each day (not much of it).
We will be lodged in the camp, which is adjacent to the village of Osilnica. The camp contains all the usual camping facilities. Please note that camping gear is not provided. Food will be provided.
The workcamp will take place in Osilnica, in the southern region of Slovenia, right on the border with Croatia, along with Kolpa river.
We're non-profit sport's association from Slovenia that are well established in organising downhill skating events in this part of the world. Downhill skateboarding or long boarding, is considered a dangerous sport that is usually practised on open roads. That's why these kinds of events are invaluable to any skater, as we do the road closure and secure it with hay bales in order to secure it for the riders.
We expect from our volunteers punctuality, reliability, and serious approach to work. Course marshalling bears its responsibilities and any crash or injury has to be reported immediately.
The camp where we're lodged offers a lot of activities to tourists, such as cycling, arching, sauna, spa, swimming, kayaking, rafting, mountain hiking, tennis, table tennis, etc. The cost for these activities is not covered by the workcamp organizers. Don’t forget your swimming suit, there’s a nice river flowing next to the campsite where you can refresh yourself in the morning and show off your water jumping skills in the late afternoon. As mentioned, we will be lodged in the camp with all the usual camping facilities. Please note that camping gear is not provided.

KNK Longboard Camp


SI-SCI 13.1


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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 40 jaar


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