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Dit is een tienerproject (15 t/m 17 jaar). Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 21 dagen naar een natuur en cultuurproject.
Het project duurt van 6 t/m 27 augustus.

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Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van EUR 150.
The goal of this workcamp is to raise awareness about sustainable development thanks to intercultural knowledge exchange. Your mission will be to animate the environmental space and especially the vegetable garden. The goal at the end of the workcamp is to create an event around the garden : « Disco-Soup » Your work will be to collect what was planted during Spring (for example, tomatoes). It is also time to plant winter vegetables. The work will mostly take place in the garden, divided into small squares in order to give to everybody a place to work. The collected products will be canned, to avoid food waste. You will also take care of the chicken house, the bamboo forest, the compost and the phytosanitary pool.
Collective, mixed and/or in individual room at Maison des Bateleurs. Food will be provided and you volunteers will take turns to prepare the meals.
Outside of regular work time, you can enjoy walks around the lake of Montendre, game nights, pizza nights (made in the outdoor stone oven) or marshmallow nights around the fireplace. You can also explore the local landmarks, such as La Rochelle and Bordeaux. All those moments will be shared with groups welcomed to the hosting center, la Maison des Bateleurs.
Renovated by international volunteers during workcamps, la Maison des Bateleurs has been for 20 years, an international hosting center, fostering meaningful meetings and cultural exchanges. Located in the town of Montendre, small charming village, among pine trees, la Maison des Bateleurs is an ideal place to welcome you. Sustainable development is a relevant issue. Nowadays, we try to adapt to show eco-friendly attitude and take actions (produce food, cook meals, sort garbage, recycle, economy energy). That's why, since several years, La Maison des Bateleurs, creates an environmental space : dry toilets, compost, biogarden, phytosanitary pool.



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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 150




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