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Samen met 23 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een sociaalproject.
Het project duurt van 21 oktober t/m 4 november.

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In this project, participants will be led to participate in workshops with elders and childrens in order to discuss the topic. A professional Art-therapist will also be conducting creativity workshop to accompany participants in an artistic approach of the subject. These exchanges and workshops shall help the participants in building their own mind on the true meaning of solidarity, and its different understanding according to cultures and/or ages. The program will also propose a few excursion to discover the local culture and environment. The project take place in Camargue, an area rich in tradition and with its specific local culture. Finally, the collective life is also a main component of this project. By inviting 25 participants to our association for this project, we also wish to engage participants in a collective experience, where the management of daily life is made by the group as a whole. This means that the collective rules and the way the project goes will be discuss together. That also means that each and every participants will at some point have to participate in the daily tasks of such collective live (cooking, cleaning, and such). It is our belief, in REV and at Solidarités Jeunesses, that the collective management of the daily life is a great way to make people work together and exchange, no matter their culture and age.
All the participants will be hosted in REV house, as it is important for the project to have collective life. In order to have everyone under the same roof, some bed will be installed using camping bed, and all the rooms will be shared rooms. REV house is a old house, located at the center of Beauvoisin Village. It is a place full of life, with inhabitants visiting it regularly, and trying to make everyone feel a bit « at home ». This also means that we'll expect the participants to respect this place and take care of it. As Solidarités Jeunesses is willing to protect the environment, you may noy eat meat everyday. Of course, if you have any dietary restrictions or needs, don't forget to tell us about it so that meals can be adapted.
Solidarités Jeunesses considers Youth Exchanges as an experimentation of collective lifestyle. That is why volunteers will organise tehir free time and leisures that could fit to group experiment, regarding budget, time and available leisures. Those possibilities can be really diversified (regional tourism, local events, inhabitants meetings, green toursim, etc.) It is the responsibility of all the volunteer to organise their free time and to participate to the good dynamism of the group.
The REV has been funded by Erasmus + to organize a project questioning the meaning and the concrete realisation of Solidarity throughout different generations. This Erasmus+ European Youth Exchange will gather youngsters from France, Germany, Turkey, Estonia and Spain.
This project is a youth exchange funded by Erasmus+. Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 275€.

Solidarity through generation




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Aantal vrijwilligers

24 (12 mannen en 12 vrouwen)


18 t/m 30 jaar



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