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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 18 dagen naar een cultuur en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 9 t/m 27 augustus.

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With the help of a landscaper, the work will consist, before the festival, in the creation of wooden bins to accommodate the different plants, the layout of the garden and the wooden bins, the planting of aromatic plants and maintaining them. Accompanied by a facilitator, you will help create the trail in the woods, with cultural stops. This will also require the creation and preparation of decoration at each stage of the journey. Then, during the festival, you will be in charge of animating the "storytelling walk". Finally, at the end of the festival you will help disassembly and storage.
Under tents, in the garden of the IMPRO de Matha. Food will be provided and you will take turns to prepare the meals.
Location: Siecq, Charente-Maritime, between Angouleme and La Rochelle. Leisure activities: The volunteers of the association "La Motte des Fées" and the inhabitants of the territory of La Motte Féodale will propose activities which will immerse you in the local life, giving you the opportunity to discover the cultural and heritage richness of the surroundings. It will also be an opportunity to discover the region, enjoy the many local festivities, and the fun nautical activities that will be offered. As well as visiting cities like La Rochelle and Poitiers.
La Motte Festival is organized by the association "La Motte des Fées" since 2008, in Siecq, a small town with an unusual heritage. The feudal mound of Siecq and its oak woods, are a little mythical and mysterious yet, full of history and culture. The festival boosts a cultural dynamic by offering at the same time an intergenerational program, educational and fun activities as well as a current music program. Concerned about the environment and eco-responsible practices, the festival is recognized for its "green" initiatives. To follow the diverse actions of the festival, the association wishes to have an international workcamp this year. With the aim of reviving the neglected botanical garden and creating a "storytelling walk" in the majestic Siecq woods during the festival.



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