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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 17 t/m 31 juli.

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Integral recovery of the traditional paths of the Ascaso environment: cleaning and clearing, rehabilitation of back walls by traditional dry stone technique; restoration of traditional elements (doors, curbs), replanting of flora that seats the lateral terrains, elaboration and placement of informative panels. For the cleaning part we will have tools that are easy to use by people not used to these jobs. The work will be to clear, clean, and collect the stones of the walls for later use. In the part of replacement of walls we will have the presence of an official mason of the City Council of Boltaña that will teach how to choose the stones, how to place them, how to fit them and how to seat them. In the part of replacement of flora, we will have small tooling of gardening for placing small saplings of native species that consolidate the land. In addition, a photo camera will be used for the cataloging of both previous and planted species.
Accommodation: Accommodation in canadian camping tents (assembled by the organization) for three people per each one. The showers and toilets are the modules that already exist for the Ascaso Film Festival: Toilet module with toilets and toilets (approved prefabricated shed) installed by the Town Hall and module of 3 individual field showers with hot and cold water. Feeding: As kitchen will be used the existing Rural House in the village, rented by their owners on those dates and equipped for large meals, kitchenware included. As a dining room, the conference room on the filmfest space equipped with tables and chairs will be used. Participants should clean their own crockery in a pile placed nearby. The organization will have enough dining room furniture: earthenware dishes, crystal glasses and metal cutlery, as well as service items. People with special nutritional needs (especially allergies) should inform the organization at the time of registration to be able to contemplate appropriate corrective measures in the menus.
From Monday to Friday, in the morning: Integral recovery of the traditional paths around Ascaso: cleaning and clearing, rehabilitation of back walls (dry stone), restoration of traditional elements (curb doors), replanting of flora that settles the lateral lands, preparation and placement of information panels. In the afternoons: Knowledge of the environment of the place and the traditional customs (ethnology) that gave rise to the network of trails of Ascaso. Generic information on restoration of the heritage of natural roads. Nocturnal gatherings around the fire or similar structure (special permission of the forest nursery is required for the realization of fires) Weekends: – One day visit to the Ordesa National Park (walking tour to the Cola de Caballo) – One day visit to the sister town of Saint Lary (and practice of sports activities in nature). – Meeting and partying whit the youth of Boltaña and other summer activities in the recreational area of Villaboya. – Attendance at the Boltaña cinema on weekends and screening of films of interest to the group, in Ascaso, at night.
Association of Neighbors and Friends of Ascaso `Los Relojes´. Entity that has been working for about 20 years to recover the village of Ascaso and its community life. Its best known activity is the Ascaso Film Festival ( but it has carried out numerous campaigns and activities aimed at recovering the village. More information at
Young people interested in the environmental recovery of heritage, with a physical capacity for the shift of materials. The work will be organized in small groups, each coordinated by a monitor. The constructive part will be directed by an official-mason. The work will be done in the morning trying never to do it in hot hours. At the begining of the Campa, the participants and monitors will agree on a mutual agreement that will contain the rules of basic coexistence for the fortnight. In the afternoons, participants have free time to develop their own activities. The organization guarantees voluntary collective activities. Wi-Fi coverage exists in the vicinity of the rural house of the place.
Personal equipment needed: Essential: comfortable clothing (t-shirts and shorts both long and short), some mountain clothes, mountain shoes, hat, backpack for excursions, sleeping bag, toiletries, swimsuit, pool towel, shower towel, flask, flashlight and battery. Advisable: sunscreen cream, anti-mosquito repellent, lumbar belt, sunglasses, river shoes.





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Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)


18 t/m 26 jaar


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