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Samen met 6 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een archeologieproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 15 augustus.

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Recovery of historical heritage. Cleaning and preparation of the terrain and structures of the archaeological site Contrebia Leucade. Work camp in the archaeological site will be developed, four hours from Monday to Friday, in the morning from 8,00 to 12,00, to avoid the hotter hours at the cost of getting up early. This schedule allows to leave a small space of time before eating to rest, go to the pool … Affect the entire archaeological site and will consist of the removal of vegetation (grasses, bushes and shrubs) were born in the spaces excavated to date, preventing rating in perspective the different elements discovered. Also proceed to the elimination or relocation, when possible, of the loose stones of the walls or washed hillside. Features and dimensions of spaces and structures formed by compacted earth floors, drywall locked with earth or limestone soils where the roots have penetrated causing breakage and chipping, require extreme care in removing plants and shrubs in any event must be supervised continuously and directly by qualified personnel. It also seeks to understand the uniqueness of the archaeological site and the motivations that led their people at different stages in which the city was occupied.
Youth Hostel La Chopera Total capacity of the hostel: 22 people – Rooms: 1 room with bunk beds for 18 people and two double rooms (the latter adapted for the disabled) – 4 common bathrooms. – Common areas: kitchen, dining room, living room (TV, DVD, board games, information about the area). – Heating. – It has a large garden terrace with barbecue and picnic tables. FOOD: Youth Hostel has a chef, who will be the responsible for the realization of lunch and dinner.
Day trips: Visit to Wine Cellar Forcada (ecological wine). Ichnite deposit El Peladillo. Castle of Cornago. Popular parties of Cervera and Alfaro. Interpretation center and ichnite deposit of Igea. Adventure park of Lumbreras. Swamp El Rasillo with pedal boats. Visit tourist to Logroño and of pinchos by the Street Laurel and San Juan. As well as points of tourist interest of the town of Inestrillas as the adjacent ones, Aguilar and Arnedo. Ichnite deposit of Enciso and termal pools of Arnedillo and Pozo Largo.
Calle Activa. Active free time and nature company. During our camps, attitudes such as companionship, cooperation, personal development, creativity, improved self-esteem, teamwork, socialization, personal care, respect for nature, creating emotional ties with their peers are worked.
Young people with social inquisitive who want to learn more about the rural world, getting involved in a community project in a small village of La Rioja. Since this work camp is based on an archaeological site, priority should be given to students of ancient sciences.
TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS: Train to Logroño: Bus to Logroño: Bus from Logroño, Autobuses Jiménez. Departures: – From Logroño at 10,15 hours – Arnedo (11,15 hours) – Aguilar – From Logroño at 18,15 hours – Arnedo (19,00 hours) – Aguilar Bus from Tudela, Autobuses Río Alhama (Arasa). Departures: From Tudela at 13,00 hours and at 19,00 hours: In particular vehicle: MEETING POINT: At 14,25 hours or at 20,30 hours on the bus stop of Aguilar de Río Alhama the first day. Or incorporate directly into the Youth Hostel La Chopera in the town of Inestrillas throughout the first day. THINGS TO BRING: European Health Card for EU volunteers and Identification card / passport. Warm clothing, work-clothes and work-gloves. Waterproof coat. A sleeping bag (optional). Trainers and mountaineering boots.

Contrebia. Archaeological pre-Roman site.II




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7 (3 mannen en 4 vrouwen)


18 t/m 26 jaar


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