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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een cultuur en sociaalproject.
Het project duurt van 13 t/m 27 augustus.

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Volunteers will participate in workshops and discuss related topics, learn more about the history of PRIDE Cymru and will do volunteering work with Pride Cymru to set up and run their Big Weekend event in Cardiff. This will include manual work mainly but also some creative work using your arts and crafts skills.
The group will sleep and cook in a 6 bedroom shared house in Cardiff. They will share a double bed or sleep on an air mattress which will be provided. Volunteers will be provided with sleeping bags/ or duvets and pillows. Volunteers will shop, cook and eat together as a group.
The project will take place in the heart of Cardiff – the capitol city of Wales with a rich multicultural history. You will be working closely with community groups so will have a chance to really get a feel for the city and be a part of it. There are many different activities happening during the evenings and weekends such as gigs, concerts, performances, exhibitions etc. And many interesting places to visit such as parks, museums, and nearby beaches. There is a lot to do in a big city but we would encourage the group to be motivated by the aims of this project, rather than only join this project because they want to experience city life.
UNA Exchange is running this project in partnership with PRIDE Cymru a charity, that works for the promotion of the elimination of discrimination whether this be on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion and ability. They work towards this through an annual celebration of equality and diversity. The Big Weekend event will be held 24 – 26 AUG in Cardiff and provides 3 days of entertainment in the heart of Cardiff, celebrating and promoting the importance of LGBT in the community.
All applicants are requested to send a motivation letter outlining why they would like to join this project.

Pride Cymru




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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 70 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

£ 50 (Britse Pond)


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