Duitsland | Restauratie en constructie

Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een restauratie en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 6 t/m 20 juli.

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Please be open for any work that will help the project partners. You will do various construction and renovation works on the site of Schloess Broellin to make the place more attractive. Various projects are planned like supporting works to clean the ground, painting works, setting up a studio etc. The place has got a new park with a lot of dead woods which have to me removed and cut. Your help will also be needed to maintain the garden and help in the kitchen. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done and in the end of the project you will be able to see what you have done.
The volunteers will be accommodated in shared rooms in a building. You will receive sheets and blankets, so there is no need to bring a sleeping bag.
Broellin is a small village mostly made up of the Schloss Broellin estate. It is situated about 6 km from Pasewalk, the capital town of the regional district. Broellin has no shops, but you will find supermarkets and smaller shops in Pasewalk; the biggest ones are open Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm. In Broellin, you will be surrounded by fields and quiet in a landscape with traces from end moraines of the last ice age. On clear nights you can gaze at an impressive starlit sky. Nearby are small lakes that can be reached on foot, the closest one is only a 15 minute walk from the estate.
The little village of Broellin is situated in the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, close to the Polish border. The nearest town Pasewalk is about 6 km away and the closest big town is Neubrandenburg, about 50 km away. In the surrounding area you’ll find many forests and farms. Please be prepared for a small, isolated but very nice location in the middle of nowhere! Every year at Schloss Broellin (Broellin castle) artists meet to run international art workshops, festivals and other events. The aim is to provide a meeting place for artists and the public. Artists present their work and exchange ideas with colleagues. Cultural youth work is an important part of the activities at Schloss Broellin. Workshops on theatre, painting and Hip-Hop take place during the workcamp, in the time from 6th July until 15th July 2018. You will have the chance to meet the youngsters who will be involved in the workshops during the meals or in the evenings.



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18 t/m 26 jaar


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