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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 19 dagen naar een restauratieproject.
Het project duurt van 14 september t/m 3 oktober.

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Different works are to be done to maintain the place. Your help is needed to paint, to build, to repair, to do anything what is necessary on the farm. Please be open for any work! It is very important to bring wet weather clothing as volunteers will work only outside! Please be prepared for any work on the farm to support it. Please be aware that you will not work with children!
You will live in rooms with 4-6 people. You won’t bring a sleeping bag with you, bed linen will be provided. You will have the chance to cook for yourselves. The group will have its own kitchen. Please don’t forget your recipes and special ingredients for cooking.
There is a lot to keep you busy during your free time. This could include for example:  Swimming, playing volleyball or football  You can rent bicycles, boats, and sport and leisure equipment.  Visit to Frankfurt/Oder, perhaps Poland (please check beforehand if you will need a passport!) or Berlin  BBQ, campfire and night hiking.
Beeskow is situated not too far from Frankfurt/Oder and 60 km south of Berlin. It is surrounded by lakes and forests. Beeskow is a rather small place not far away from the famous Spreewald. The "Kinder- und Jugendhof" is a farm for children and teenagers. Groups and families can go there on holiday, for school trips etc. There is a wide variety of sporting and creative activities and many other activities such as baking bread, rallies, campfires, etc. On the farm there are animals like a pony, sheep, donkeys, bees etc.



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18 t/m 26 jaar


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