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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een restauratie en ouderenproject.
Het project duurt van 29 juli t/m 11 augustus.

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The volunteers will be working with elderly people, residents of the elderly care center “Bezanijska kosa”, which is a part of the Gerontological Center of Belgrade. They will participate in creative workshops with residents, planed with professionals. Beside that, they will spend quality time with them, organizing free time activities (quizzes and games, reading sessions, playing music…) or assisting in walks or work-therapy for residents in a need of support. There will be a dynamic schedule of different activities, but volunteers’ ides are very welcome!
The volunteers will be accommodated in four-bed rooms of the Center (sleeping bags are not required), with toilets and showers. Meals will be prepared by the Centre professional cooks, in the center’s canteen.
The area of Bezanijska kosa is in a quiet part of the city of Belgrade. There will be an excursion organized to important places of cultural and historical heritage of Belgrade. The volunteers will have a workshop with the centre’s employees about communication with elderly people and meeting their needs.
After successful camps in 2016 and 2017, Gerontological Center of Belgrade became a traditional workcamps’ host. The results of previous camps were wonderful and both residents and the volunteers were satisfied and motivated to repeat similar experience. With this notion, it is our pleasure to invite you to join us at another workcamp with this enthusiastic group of people. NOTE: These are probably the coolest elderly people in Belgrade! They are talkative, playful, really into handcrafting, cooking, yoga etc. By the way, take a look at their surprising calendar for 2017 at The Center is quite modern. It hosts close to 600 residents and it is the largest in the country and one of the largest in Europe. Professional staff takes care of the residents and creates an atmosphere of free and solidary community life. The idea for doing an international volunteer workcamps here arises as a need for assistance in improving the quality of life of the residents, especially during summer. Inter-generation solidarity and intercultural exchange has proven to be particularly beneficial for the residents.
The volunteers should be motivated for work with elderly people (and send a project related motivation letter at the time of application), also willing to help the Center’s cleaning crew with: gardening, painting, cleaning parts of the building…



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