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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een natuur en restauratieproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 15 augustus.

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The main task of the volunteers will be arranging public areas in Pinosava, the suburbs of Belgrade. Volunteers will arrange the yard of the local school and also leave messages on the board for the children telling them about the importance of green areas and rules that are meant to be followed and respected. The other activity that is planned will be cleaning and maintaining grasslands. Even though just at 30 minutes from the center of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, formally being one of its municipalities, the mentality of people in the Belgrade suburbs like Pinosava is more similar to those in rural areas in Serbia rather that of the capital. The need for internationalisation and youth mobility, reflection and discussion with peers from different countries is great.
Volunteers will be accommodated in a house on the property of the Horsing club ”Aleksandar” in Pinosava. There will be three sleeping rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and one common room. The food will be provided by the organizer and it will be mainly cooked by the volunteers themselves. We are looking forward to tasting dishes from different countries!
The workcamp will be held in Belgrade, in the suburban area called Pinosava. Pinosava has about 4000 inhabitants and is located in the near Mount Avala, which is a protected nature park. For nature lovers this is an ideal opportunity to get to know this part of Belgrade which is abundant with numerous plant species and beautiful scenery. One day is specifically planned for the trip to the wondrous mountain Avala, which is one of the most beautiful natural oases in Belgrade. Volunteers will have the opportunity to get to know the capital city of Serbia and its cultural and historical sites as well the social life. At the same property where the volunteers will be accommodated, they will have the opportunity to ride horses and also will be given the opportunity to learn how to take care of them. There is also a basketball court and a small football field nearby. Part of the workcamp is also a series of educational workshops and lectures in the field of environmental protection. Every volunteer can participate in these lectures by preparing of their country's national parks.
The Center for Development of Ideas is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization that works in the direction of the acquisition and networking of ambitious and proactive individuals in order to achieve the goals and raise the quality of life and work of young people in Pinosava. The basic directions of the Center's operation are: promotion of youth entrepreneurship, culture and environmental protection. The organization exists since 2014 and up to now has been self-supporting and has organized several projects and actions in form of partnership with different organizations and institutions.





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12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)


18 t/m 30 jaar


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