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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een restauratie en cultuurproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 15 augustus.

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Volunteers will spend 2 weeks learning and putting in practice acquired knowledge in the field of permaculture and earth architecture. The workcamp activities and outputs will contribute to the concept and the level of sustainable living in the village of Mosorin. Hub of the workcamp will be the Fine art and crafts club, located in this village. The volunteers will contribute to building of the Earth architecture centre and implement knowledge and ideas they breed in hub, in the local community. Main work activity is alchemy, by putting our hands in the mud we will make magic. By making wooden moulds and earthen bricks, clay plasters, clay reliefs and earthen floor, we will learn traditional building crafts and contribute to building Earth architecture centre. KFZ has for many years been building the centre through work of many enthusiasts, groups of volunteers, school children, architects and many other keen travellers, that head towards this interesting village. We will help build self-sustainable workshop place for training students, self-constructors and craftspeople for the (re)construction of earth houses. We will contribute to preservation and passing on knowledge on traditional crafts. We will learn about permaculture and promote locally the ideas that lie in core of these techniques. By making small interventions in local community such as small lake, hotel for insects, composter and spice spiral, volunteers will spread the idea on importance and benefits of living in harmony with nature to local community. Study part: All the workcamp activities will be realised through learning and knowledge and ideas application process. Through workshops on permaculture, earth architecture and building volunteers will first learn about the basic ideas that underlie these techniques and have a chance to apply gained knowledge. In order to put the knowledge in wider frame the volunteers will have a chance to get to know and experience local culture and tradition as well as a way of living of local community.
The volunteers will be accommodated on the property of the local football club (FK Miletic), in tents. The volunteers will use the shower rooms of the club. There is a possibility to provide tents and sleeping bags for limited number of volunteers if the volunteer does not own one or the baggage limit does not allow bringing one. It is necessary to inform the organisers prior to arrival so we can plan to provide sufficient number of tents and sleeping bags. Food will be prepared by volunteers in the traditional kitchen of the Centre for earth architecture.
The volunteers will have the opportunity to explore rich natural and cultural heritage of the village and its surrounding such as Titel hill, exploring protected plant and animal species, visiting one of the laggards in Vilovo, boat cruise on the river Tisa, and other sights. Village is located in the in the Municipality of Titel, 90 km north from Belgrade (capital of Serbia) and 13km from Titel town centre.
This workcamp is organised by the Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC), a non-profit association established in 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia. Last year we have organised our first volunteer workcamp in the City of Sombor. The camp gathered 16 participants from 8 countries all around the world and was awarded a prize for one of the most successful workcamps by Young Researchers of Serbia. To get a better idea about the team, have a look at the web documentary YRS-VSS produced in 2017, following three stories of workcamp leaders, one being organised by IDC: This year our local partner is the Fine art and crafts club (KFZ), a non-profit association established in 2010 in the village of Mosorin. KFZ is working on promotion and raising awareness of richness of our local and traditional earthen building techniques and importance of protection of building crafts and their improvements, both through theory – public lectures, presentations and articles, as well as through numerous workshops, trainings and summer schools of architecture.
Open for participants from the 14 Countries of the Danube Region: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine. Travel costs can be partly reimbursed with 50% up to a limit of 100€ per volunteer. Therefor you need to keep all your original travel tickets, invoices etc.





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