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Samen met 2 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een sociaal en kinderenproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 15 augustus.

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It is a city camp. We will stay in the city all the time exploring the opportunities it proposes to kids and youngsters, visiting its educational and cultural public spaces. Volunteers are expected support and also run themselves activities of the summer camp. They will have 3-4 days upon arrival for introduction into the team of organizers and Russian volunteers and preparation for the project. Also a bit of sightseeing and rest. And after that we will have 10 days of intensive work with one day off for everyone. We plan that the first part of the day kids and teens will be spending with part-time Russian volunteers having workshops and teambuilding games. That time international volunteers are preparing their afternoon activities with kids and after lunch we go for it. You will have the schedule of activities flexible enough for every volunteer to propose an activity or valuable topic. This way together we finalize the program of the camp during first three days. We plan to visit several educational and cultural public spaces during those afternoon activities and volunteers are welcome to fill in the context of the activity within the frame of the place specifics.
The venue where volunteers will live, plan and prepare their activities most likely will be at school and the same place where kids are gathered for the workshops and day-to- day activities. Not exactly the same room but the same place. Bring your sleeping bags and toiletries and be ready to share one big room all together with the rest of the team. Shower and laundry will be organized. You will have lunch together with kids and the other meals you will have to make by yourself from products provided.
There will be not so much of free time honestly. The first three days we will organize walking tours in the city. During the summer camp if volunteers will still have energy by the end of the day they’re free to go and have fun in the city which never sleeps. But next day you have to be fresh and ready to rock the day. Thus, if you are interested in sightseeing in Moscow, we still suggest you to plan it before or after the workcamp, as we will need your full involvement.
A group of active young citizens with passion for volunteering and social work is organizing integration city summer camp for refugee and migrants’ kids. We’re not an official organisation. Members of our small initiative group have diverse experience and competences embracing children psychology and volunteer firefighting, organizing summer camps for kids and international volunteer workcamps in Russian countryside, inclusive cooking and tools of theatric expression.What unites us (besides many unexpected and hilarious things) is our passion and aspiration for social change through inclusion and peace. Our aim is giving those kids a chance to experience bright and carefree moments of childhood together with local kids and show them that there are no borders for friendship.
We ask the applicants to send the letter of motivation containing their motivation, previous relevant experience and/or contribution they expect to make in the project. The questionnaire will be sent.



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