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Samen met 24 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 10 dagen naar een constructie en festivalproject.
Het project duurt van 7 t/m 17 juli.

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Volunteers will help the organisers of the festival with different tasks. For example, they will take care of the venues before and after the concerts, control access to the festival area and prepare the camping site. They will assist the local organisation in keeping the area clean during the festival. They will also do some environmental work in cooperation with the local community before and after the festival.
Volunteers will be staying in a house owned by the local community in Neskaupstaour offering basic facilities. Mattresses are provided; however, everyone is asked to bring their own warm sleeping bags. Volunteers will shower at the local swimming pool and sports centre near the house. It is also possible sleep in tents for one or two nights during the festival to get into the right spirit.Food is included for the duration of the workcamp, however, everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. Since it is always nice to try new and different dishes, volunteers are encouraged to bring along their favourite recipes from home
Worldwide Friends volunteers have free access to the local geothermally-heated swimming pool in Neskaupstadur. Traditionally, natural pools have played an important social role in Icelandic culture. Most Icelandic pools offer indoor and outdoor swimming, as well as hot tubs and saunas or steam rooms.WF Iceland will also organise reasonably-priced weekend excursions to some of the most popular, beautiful areas and natural wonders that Iceland has to offer. Excursions include unique Icelandic sights, such as lagoons, waterfalls, volcanic and geothermal areas, glaciers, lava forests, hot-springs, rhyolite mountain ranges or steam-vents.Volunteers will also have free access to the concerts during the festival.
Neskaupsstaour is a medium-sized town by Icelandic standards. With its 1,420 inhabitants, it has the largest population in the East Fjords. The town has been growing and prospering since the early 1900s and is almost completely self-sufficient thanks to the fishing industry. Sitting in the middle of nowhere, away from other villages and communities, the town is equipped with all the necessary facilities and stores: a bakery, a local dairy, supermarkets, banks, a post office, a school, a sports hall, a swimming pool, a church, a hospital, a harbour, an airstrip, a hotel, a jazz club, a rescue centre, etc. As a matter of fact, it has all the services and professionals you would expect in a larger town, with the exception of an optician In the east of the town, a wildlife reserve and a large recreational area face the ocean. In the lower section of the reserve called Hagi lies the famous Paskahellir (Easter Cave), a rock vault over the shore. Holes left by thick, 10 to 12-million-year-old tree trunks can be seen inside the vault and, in true Icelandic spirit, various folk tales are associated with the cave. Neskaupstaour can be reached only by driving through a one-way tunnel over the highest year-round pass in Iceland.Eistnaflug is a metal festival in Iceland that has taken place annually since the summer of 2005. Eistnaflug is an indoor festival situated in Neskaupstaour, a quaint little town located on the Norofjorour fjord on the Eastern coast of Iceland, 700 km away f





Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

25 (11 mannen en 14 vrouwen)


18 t/m 50 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 250


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