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Ga aan de slag als vrijwilliger tijdens een groepsproject in Frankrijk. Dit project vindt plaats van 5 t/m 21 juli en biedt ruimte aan 14 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 17 t/m 99 jaar. Je gaat werkzaamheden uitvoeren gericht op restauratie.

Lees snel verder voor meer informatie over het tarief, werk, accommodatie en projectlocatie. Heb je een vraag over dit project? Laat je gegevens achter bij “Stel een vraag” en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

This project is a long-term project which will probably be separated in 2 to 3 years depending on the capacities of the teams. A first part is to ensure the water is flowing nicely through the wash house. This means taking out branches, cleaning the stones of the pond and making the wash house waterproof. In fact, the water isn’t runing properly at the moment which makes the site difficult to access during rainy seasons. The first step is to ameliorate the flow directed to La Bure river. The second step will be to renovate the walls of the wash house : remove some stones, clean them, prepare a lime plaster and finaly build up a “dry wall” (an ancient artisanal technique). You will be supervised by a technical leader to help you gain knowledge and feel at ease with patrimony renovation, and green waste management. We don’t know yet which part of the work is going to be done this year, surprise !

We are uncertain of the accomodation arragements (hard wall or tents) at the moment but it is certain that the team will be living in the heart of Morainvillier town. Volunteers should bring mattresses with them.

The region of Yvelines, in which the project is located, is full of hitorical and beautiful sites to visit. Such as The Castle of Versailles, several pedagogical farms, the Seine river bank. You may be surprised to hear that, while close to the French capital, 50% of the land is used for agriculture and 30% are woods and forests. You will live in the heart of a small peaceful town!
Along with volunteers and campleaders, you will decide on activities for the afternoons and the week-ends. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas! Games, lunches with local population, excursions and bike tours in the region can be organised. You will also have the possibility to visit Paris and be guided by Parisians themselves, what an orginial way to discouver the city! Get ready to join an unforgettable experience, share, and learn during this workcamp!

The small town of Morainvilliers is crossed by the river La Bure and located at the gate of the regional forest Grands Bois (Big Wood Forest). It has been 12 years since the town organises biking and running trails/races (10, 21 and 35 km) : the “Old wash house trail”. The trail crosses woods, historical sites, and ends up at the wash house of Morainvilliers. Over 700 visitors each year take up the challenge of the races or attempt to the Nordic hike. There is also an alternative trail for kids! By participating in the wash house renovation, you will add value to the local patrimony and the event itself. You will live, work and share everyday life activities with all volunteers. A technical and a camp leader will be there to lead you all along the workcamp.

There is no WIFI access on the workcamp site, but possibility to connect on some public networks. Places for 17 years old are very limited (maximum 1 French volunteer with fewer opportunities)

There is no WIFI access on the workcamp site, but possibility to connect on some public networks. Places for 17 years old are very limited (maximum 1 French volunteer with fewer opportunities)


Along the waterside




Soort werk





Aantal vrijwilligers

14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


17 t/m 99 jaar



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