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Ga aan de slag als vrijwilliger tijdens een groepsproject in Griekenland. Dit project vindt plaats van 28 juni t/m 10 juli en biedt ruimte aan 14 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 100 jaar. Je gaat werkzaamheden uitvoeren gericht op kinderen.

Lees snel verder voor meer informatie over het tarief, werk, accommodatie en projectlocatie. Heb je een vraag over dit project? Laat je gegevens achter bij “Stel een vraag” en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

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The work of the international volunteers will be divided in two parts, help in the kitchen and organise activities with the children.
Working hours usually are 8.30am to 3.30pm (morning shift) or 5pm to 11pm (afternoon shift). Tasks in the kitchen include help in the preparation of the meal (potatoes and onion peeling and cutting), preparing salads, washing the dishes and keeping the kitchen in good clean condition. The volunteers will coordinate with the kitchen Greek volunteer team and the Chef. The working environment includes all tools to make the work easier, for example a professional dishwasher.
Volunteers will alternate in the morning and afternoon shifts.
Children Activities
Volunteers will prepare and organize activities during the morning (2 hours) for the children including games, handicrafts, dancing and music (if possible). The team will coordinate with the Greek volunteers responsible for the free-time children activities and will be given everything needed for the implementation of the tasks. Activities will also be based on the skills of the international volunteers, so make sure to inform us of any special and creative skills you might have (like music, dancing or anything else that might be helpful). It’s important to bring your creativity and your own culture to blend it with the rest of the team and with the children.
The team responsible for these activities will be the afternoon kitchen shift. Meaning that those volunteers who are going to start working in the kitchen at 5pm they will dedicate two hours in the morning to organise activities with the children.
If you are willing and as part of your own free time, you can also participate in the afternoon sport activities with the kids. Some painting and garden works are to be done. Some optional creative activities will be arranged, depending on your will and disposition. Greek and foreign Volunteers are collaborating in many tasks.

Very basic. The volunteers will sleep all together in tents equipped with beds, within the camp area as everyone else. The floor of the tent is made of cement, but you will need a warm sleeping bag. There is WC and showers near the tents but no hot water. There is no WiFi and the cell reception for mobile phones is very bad (it might allow for phone calls and messages but internet will be extremely slow).
Food: It will be prepared by the Chef of Camp. It will be Greek and traditional. There will be options for vegetarians in the menu but not many.
Weather: Usually quite warm at that period (25o–35oC), but during the night it might become a little chilly. Rain is expected at least during few days within the duration of the workcamp. The location is on the feet of a mountain with rich flora (about 400m altitude).

The Camp is situated at Agios Georgios, on mount Pateras, 33 km to the north-West of Elefsina (or Elefsis) and 55 km from Athens:
It is located several km away from the nearest village, and it is only reachable by car (no bus connections to the camp site). CiA will arrange means of transportation to/from the campsite.
Free days:
Three free days will be arranged during the workcamp. According to the shifts and working demand there might be the chance for some extra free hours but this will not be for the whole group and it will be organised on an individual level.

For 87 years the organisation “Happy Children Happy Youth” has been supporting children, who face serious problems such as financial (families whose income is at the limit of poverty or lower), family (orphans or children of single-parent families), social (racism and marginalisation) and communication problems (language problems or learning difficulties), because they come from families of immigrants or refugees.
The Organisation sets up summer camps which offer free hospitality to 140 children. The constant values surrounding the organisation are love for the children and the people, the certainty about the inherent talents of every individual, equality for all, freedom of speech and thinking, regardless of race, age, sex or religion.
The camp schedule is well studied and includes different physical and artistic activities. Living together for 20 days with the 50 trained Greek volunteers, offers to the children some love and care they miss. The organisation believes that summer camps are useful and important for every child. That’s why we try every year to give the possibility of enjoying our hospitality to more children, in improved facilities with more experienced volunteer staff. Nobody at the organisation is allowed to earn money from these activities.
Even though the world is becoming more and more impersonal and harsh, especially for the weak (financially and socially) and their children, “Summer Camps Happy Children – Happy Youth” dream to always be able to host as many children as possible while constantly upgrading their facilities and improving their program. Those goals will be made possible thanks to the voluntary effort and knowledge of many people who, with joy, imagination and love, will create small human societies for children and young people that will enable the expression of their skills and feelings. Greek volunteers are working constantly during the winter to organise everything in order to live together this summer experience.
For more information you may visit our website:
(Sorry for not having the English version available yet)

This workcamp is accessible to A4A volunteers (inaccessible for wheelchair users). The work will be physically demanding mainly because of the long working hours and working shifts. Volunteers applying to CIA01A (28/6 – 10/7) are also welcome to stay also from 10/7 to 24/7 by applying also to CIA01B if they wish to.

Summary (for promotional use): Citizens in Action and “Happy Children Happy Youth” are organizing this international workcamp in an isolated mountain area close to Elefsina, to contribute to the overall running of a summer camp hosting 140 children from socially deprived background. International volunteers will support in the kitchen and organizing activities with kids. They will have the chance to be part of an 87 years old social movement and work together with more than 50 Greek volunteers, offering to children a life time experience and to themselves a meaningful experience of active social participation and solidarity.


Children summer camp




Soort werk





Aantal vrijwilligers

14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


18 t/m 100 jaar


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