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Zet je in voor een groepsproject in Spanje. Dit project vindt plaats van 14 t/m 29 juli en biedt ruimte aan 6 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 20 t/m 55 jaar. Als vrijwilliger zal je werkzaamheden gaan uitvoeren gericht op constructie.

Lees snel verder voor meer informatie over de kosten, de werkzaamheden, de accommodatie en projectlocatie. Heb je een vraag over dit project? Laat je gegevens achter bij “Stel een vraag” en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

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We are going to work with wood. It means that we will develop individual and collective work. We will create the joinery needed to keep the structure together with saws, chisels, wooden mallets… We will also have to carry heavy loads and stand up the structure as a team. Always in a safe way and aware of our body movements.

6 hours of work a day are required in the morning. Free time from 3:30 pm and a free full day per week.

The Camp will take place in the countryside in between two villages, 1.5km from a lake. In order to be able to remain together as a team, the volunteers will stay in tents.
Tents, soft mattress, and pillow will be provided, but if you have a tent, please bring it. Bring your sleeping bag and your shower towel as well.
There are eco-toilets and showers with hot water. Please, aware use of water is required.
There won’t be a kitchen available for the volunteers. We will provide healthy and balanced vegetarian food (breakfast, lunch and dinner; also snacks and fresh juices in between meals).

Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres), Spain (190km from Madrid to the East).

“Amasarte” is a non-profit association which was founded in 2008 by a small collective of artists. Focusing on theatre, nature & sustainability, our activities are mainly for children and people with disabilities. Now we want to develop a new space in order to make new activities for all type of people.
We invite you to learn how to build a traditional wooden structure surrounded by a wonderful natural environment. We tend to use renewable energies, and have a low impact on nature in our daily life by making compost, using eco-toilets, consuming local products… We will use hand tools and will make wooden joinery for the construction (we won´t use screws). Once the wooden construction is finished, we will make the walls with straw bales and clay…but that will happen in our camp in August.

About the food, special menus are possible if you tell us in advance (vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy…).


Traditional Wooden structure in Spain


ES-MAD 11.1


Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers



20 t/m 55 jaar


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