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Ga aan de slag als vrijwilliger tijdens een groepsproject in Italië. Dit project vindt plaats van 7 t/m 21 oktober en biedt ruimte aan 5 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 16 t/m 70 jaar. Je gaat werkzaamheden uitvoeren gericht op handarbeid.

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The olive harvest is a nice and calm work. we dont work with machines. Webelieve that the traditional handpicking in olive nets leads to a betterquality of the oil, the surrounding and the human life of the peopleinvolved.the harvest days are long and hard days. we try to start at 8 am. we willhave good lunches together under the trees and continue picking untilalmost darkness. then we take our little tractor to bring up the olives tothe farm. under the roof, in the workshop, we clean them from the leaves,weigh and store them. the big goal is to make 400kg as soon as possible,best in one or two days for high oil quality. that s why during harvestdays we have really to concentrate on the work. its no stress but we needto push to make the the time some of the group does the olive cleaning some others cookdinner, lights the fires, does the table, the dishes and prepares for the nextday. we eat all together in the big tent. if theres someone who likes toplay the guitar or some other instrument it would be welcome.once we have reached the goal of 400kg next day in the morning we bringthe olives to the oil mill. each time one by one can come to visit themill. when we come back we taste the new green oil on freshly toasted breadover a little olive wood fire. we take this day off and use it to sitaround the fire or the table and talk together and answer all questionsyou have. maybe the next day we continue to work, or its a completely free day.we will see this when we are together. we will adapt to personal andagricultural needs and the weather. If it rains, days are off.the olive harvest is not hard work but its continuous same thing day in andday out.we expect all of you to be interested and involved. we will be a team andwe will have a goal to reach. everyone brings in what he has and does whathe can. we dont expect professionals or hard workers but we expect joy,engagement and dedication.

Accommodation will be in shared small rooms in the house. If the weather is good you can also choose to sleep in a tent outside. We will provide sheets, covers, pillow and optionally tent and mattress. A big common tent will be there as a common place for all of us. There is no other space in the house. The day of departure, rooms must be cleaned and left in perfect conditions. if you take the first bus in the morning this can be done the night before.In the house, there is a spartan bathroom for common use. (farmers included). There is hot water but please be mindful while taking showers. water is available but limited. There is also an outdoor shower and a compost toilet is available outdoor as well. Please note that electricity in the farm is limited, therefore you will not be able to use a hairdryer, electric shavers or whatever. there is no washing machine. clothes must be washed by hand. hot water for cloth washing must be heated on the kitchen fire (not from the bathroom). You will be able to charge your phones, tablets etc. there is a wireless connection available even though it is not real fast and limited to necessary use. for long chats, theres a wireless place in the village.We will prepare food together in our outdoor kitchen, there is also an outdoor fireplace and oven… we eat together in the big common tent. Every day we choose a team for cooking, kitchen and bathroom service.

The farm is located in Roccatederighi a small town in the countryside of Tuscany where you can find wifi, a bar, restaurant, post office, bank office, small shops, doctor. It takes 15 minutes to walk to Roccatederighi. At 40 minutes walking distance you can find an ancient and abandoned castle (Castello di Sassoforte). At 45 minutes distance the little town and castle of Montemassi. The host are available to provide all information to reach the nearby town with public transportation but be aware that public transportation can be not always available.

Podere Onorate is a small farm, 1km south of Roccatederighi, up in thehills of Tuscany in Italy with a beautiful view over the Maremma towardsthe sea.We work about 9 hectares of diversified land, following the ideas ofbiodynamic farming. We try to preserve the natural surrounding and wildness of the place. We are not a producing farm, all we do is forourselves: self-sufficiency or exchange with friends. We make really high-quality olive oil. We also have a mechanics-, woodwork- andblacksmith-workshop.During the summer we live completely outside. We have an outdoor kitchenand living room under the trees. Often we host guests and friends andwoofers, trainees and international volunteers. We eat mostly vegetarian,if possible our own stuff, otherwise if possible organic. We also likemeat, but its no problem to avoid it. We are used to cooking vegetarian orvegan.We speak German, Italian, Swiss German, English and a little French.The farm is run by Gunther (1968), Nicole (1981), Olmo (2008) and thanksto all the helpers.For further information go to

Willing to manual work. Interest in agriculture. The olive harvest is not hard work but it is continuously the same thing day in and day out. A QUESTIONAIRE is needed to be filled together with the application form. This camp is for very motivated volunteers willing to work and interested in agriculture.

Willing to manual work. Interest in agriculture. Olive harvest is not a hard work but it is continuously the same thing day in and day out. A QUESTIONAIRE is needed to be filled together with the application form. This camp is for very motivated volunteers willing to work and interested in agriculture.




IG 19-11


Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

5 (2 mannen en 3 vrouwen)


16 t/m 70 jaar



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