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Steek je handen uit de mouwen tijdens een tienerproject in Italië. Dit project vindt plaats van 7 t/m 20 augustus en biedt ruimte aan 12 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 15 t/m 17 jaar. Jouw werkzaamheden richten zich op festival.

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Go back to the Middle Age with the Roccantica Festival. Help the local community to make this event successful through many tasks such as managing and playing in the shows and welcoming the public.
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WORK: The volunteers will support the local community in different works, related with the preparation of Middle Age Roccantica Fest: – cleaning of the village; – organizing places – setting the scenarios – organizing tailoring – reception of the public – playing in the shows – interacting with the local community – etc…

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will sleep in the gym with mattresses and sleeping bags. There are showers and toilets in the gym. Regarding the meals, they will be prepared with local and organic food respecting its seasonality and sustainability. Cooperative organization of meals and cleaning.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Leisure: during their free time, volunteers could make some excursions (hiking, trekking, orienteering, night under the stars) ñ some workshops (cheese making, soap making, handmade pasta, bread and pizza etc…) – practice sports (swimming pool, climbing, low ropes, yoga) – and milking with local farmers to learn to work with mules. IMPORTANT: – Won't be possible to visit Rome – The free time activity will be organized by the leads to allow participants to explore the village and surroundings.
Location: Roccantica(RI) Lazio, Central Italy. Approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Rome, the area called Sabina, where Roccantica is located, is part of the Apennine chain. The landscape is made of hills covered with olives, which rise towards steeper mountains, with extensive oak and beech and small medieval villages, castles and monasteries. It is a landscape that has remained substantially unchanged over time and little affected by modern building development.
Roccantica is located on the slopes of "Pizzuto" mountain at 454 meters a.s.l.

PROJECT: In the village of Roccantica takes place "Medioevo in Festa" from 12 to 15 August, favoured by the typically medieval structure of the village. This event is centered on the reenactment of the historical period that goes from 1059 to 1432.
The reenactment of the most significant and decisive historical event for the history of the country occurred in 1059. In that year, in fact, Pope Nicholas II pursued by the troops of the Crescenzi, allies of his antagonist Benedict X, took refuge in the Rocha De Antiquo (Roccantica). Here he was strenuously defended by the Roccolani, until the arrival of the troops of Roberto D'Altavilla who put their enemies to flight. Despite the heroic defense, the Rocca was now a smoking ruin, only 12 people survived. The Pope, remembering the value of the roccolani, infused the 12 survivors of the fortress and its territory with a bull dated 18 April 1060. (A copy taken from the Vatican archives is kept in common in the hall of historical documents).

REQUIREMENTS: To be ready to walk and go for trekking, here the mountains are the most important natural heritage. To Come with proper equipments (trekking shoes, working clothes, etc…). To be ready to be in small village, no shops. To be open minded. To be ready to act in the middle age fest and show organized by the local community. To be ready to cooperate in any kind of preparation work ( cleaning, painting, cooking, serving meals and drinks, etc…) To be ready to live a group experience base on life in common, exchange, cooperation, teamwork. To live in an isolated village. To do an effort of communication, nobody in the village speaks English. A project related motivation letter is needed.
FEE: 200 for international volunteers; 265 as extra for italian volunteers.






Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)


15 t/m 17 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 200



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