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Steek je handen uit de mouwen tijdens een groepsproject in Tsjechië. Dit project vindt plaats van 29 juni t/m 12 juli en biedt ruimte aan 9 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 99 jaar. Jouw werkzaamheden richten zich op restauratie.

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You will help with the renovation of the ground-floor of the storehouse. You will do some construction works and tidying (cleaning out the storehouse, masonry works, taking off old tiles, building an issue counter for dispensing food, painting and final cleaning). Bring working clothes that can get dirty. Protective gloves and tools will be provided.

Study part: Getting to know how a food bank works, workshops and seminars on the topic of food waste (e.g. how to cook without leftovers, how to use unusual vegetables etc.). Getting to know the local community and visiting the cooperating organizations where food from the bank is distributed.

In the building of the food bank. You will share one room in a renovated part of the bank, and you will sleep on camping beds. Please bring your own sleeping bag. There are toilets and a shower with hot water in the building. You will prepare meals together as a group from the food provided by the food bank. Everyday there will be food available from the supermarkets which would be thrown away otherwise despite being completely fine. You will save this food and learn how to cook without wasting food. There will be a well-equipped kitchen at your disposal.

Zdiby-Premysleni. A small village located about 20 minutes from the outskirts of Prague by public transport. The workcamp is held in the area of the office building and storerooms of the food bank.

Leisure time: You can go on a trip to Prague and learn about its history and present life. You can go swimming or sing by a campfire together. International evenings, where you can present your country and cuisine, will be organized.

The workcamp is held in cooperation with the Food Bank of Prague and Central Bohemian Region in the village of Premysleni near Prague. The food bank prevents food waste, collects food from retail chains and producers and distributes it to non-profit organizations that take care of people in need and socially disadvantaged people. It fights against food waste using trainings, lectures, workshops and social networks to raise awareness about environmental issues. The aim of this workcamp is to renovate the ground-floor of the storehouse so that the food bank has more quality storing space and can help more people.

This workcamp is perfect for young people who are interested in topics of food waste and sustainability and who want to get to know the Czech Republic, do something beneficial, meet like-minded people and enjoy summer in a different way.


Let s Renovate the Food Bank


SDA 102


Soort werk





Aantal vrijwilligers

9 (4 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


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