Italië | Constructie en handarbeid

Ga aan de slag als vrijwilliger tijdens een groepsproject in Italië. Dit project vindt plaats van 19 juli t/m 3 augustus en biedt ruimte aan 6 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 35 jaar. Je gaat werkzaamheden uitvoeren gericht op constructie.

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General agricultural works and simple building work.

The workcamp volunteers will lodge (men and women separated) in small apartment with 3 or 4 rooms, with 3 beds and common bathroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with Nomadelfia families.

Nomadelfia was founded by don Zeno Saltini (1900-1981) in the 1948: from when he was young he wished to get a priest to live the Faith in a concrete way in the daily life. He started to help the orphans in his parish. Slowly some families started to collaborate with him to give again a family to these abandoned children. In the 1948 don Zeno together with these families felt called by God to be a seed for a more fraternal society. It was no longer enough to heal the wounds of an unjust society. It was necessary to propose an alternative: it was born so Nomadelfia. The people of Nomadelfia share their daily life in familiar groups where live together with 3 or 4 families. The materials are in commun and, having passed the concept of ownership, there is no need for the circulation of money. In work, there is no career and all are available to carry out any kind of task, in the knowledge that every activity has the same dignity. There is no unemployment because everyone has their own role. The disabled and the elderly continue to work in proportion to their possibilities, so that no one feels useless.

Nomadelfia is a really purpose. It is fundamental that the volunteer s experience isn t just practical job, but also the possibility of an approach on common life of this society. The lifestyle is familiar and based on sharing in the name of Vangelo. It is required dress modesty, also for the job.






Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

6 (3 mannen en 3 vrouwen)


18 t/m 35 jaar



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