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Duitsland | Constructie en natuur

Duitsland | Constructie en natuur

Zet je in voor een groepsproject in Duitsland. Dit project vindt plaats van 16 t/m 28 augustus en biedt ruimte aan 10 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 35 jaar. Als vrijwilliger zal je werkzaamheden gaan uitvoeren gericht op constructie.

Lees snel verder voor meer informatie over de kosten, de werkzaamheden, de accommodatie en projectlocatie. Heb je een vraag over dit project? Laat je gegevens achter bij “Stel een vraag” en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.


Masonry – Repairing Historical Walls
The biggest building of Lohra Castle complex is the sheep shelter which consists of a small older part and a larger newer part which was built in 1907 by using the stones of the Romanic castle tower from the 11th century. Under professional guidance of a Master craftsman the volunteers will work on the masonry of the historical buildings in the ensemble.

On the 25.08 – 28.08 the volunteers will travel to the second location and join the big international anniversary event “100 years of workcamps - Peace and Solidarity for the Future" in the bustling capital of Germany, Berlin. There the volunteers will join other 9 work camps. This will be an opportunity for the volunteers to share their acquired experiences by joining workshops and help in the development of content and formats for future work camps.

There will be a lot of interest in this event, and politicians, people from the media and experts in science, governmental administration and youth work will also be joining the discussions on the topics and engaging with the volunteers in learning about their experiences.

The representation of this work camp will be as the only one related to the topic of Heritage Conservation, while the remaining work camps are related to other topics such as environmental issues, social issues and others.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

In Lohra castle: Shared rooms with 2 - 5 beds in 3 guest houses, warm shower (limited hot water), 1 camp kitchen (cold water), coal-burning stoves.
In Berlin, shared rooms at a youth hostal

The meals will be prepared together as they are part of the community life, what means that every participant will be responsible for the meal at least once during its stay. So it would be very nice if the participants could bring typical recipes from home in order to introduce each other to the preparation of food from all over the world.

Locatie en vrije tijd

This year we join the anniversary campaign “100 years of workcamps - Peace and Solidarity for the Future" with a special project which will be representative of the work camp culture of Open Houses.
Old spaces are being brought back to a new life one camp at a time. In the opinion of Open Houses, building and maintaining what has been built brings about a unique way of understanding how people relate to one another. This kind of manual work in the context of history and the honest simplicity in the shared aims of that work, often provide a new perspective to those involved in it. Thus Open Houses believes that historical monuments and old manors can and should become open spaces that allow for intercultural exchanges and serve as stages for knowledge sharing. For this reason, the topic of this special Work will be “Volunteering for Heritage”.

The work camp will start in the setting of Lohra Castle which is situated in the heart of Germany in Northern Thuringia. The castle is located on the edge of a nature reserve area surrounded by an idyllic landscape of rolling hills. Being one of the largest castles in Thuringia, the history of the castle Lohra stretches back to the Middle Ages for more than a thousand years. Today it includes twenty buildings from different times: medieval fortifications, remnants of a tower from the 11th century, a Romanesque chapel, a manor house from the Renaissance period as well as stables and granaries from the 19th and the early 20th centuries. The ensemble is situated in the centre of a beautiful forest.

On the 25.08 – 28.08 the volunteers will travel to the second location and join the big international anniversary event “100 years of workcamps - Peace and Solidarity for the Future" in the bustling capital of Germany, Berlin.

The camp place is situated near a small village in rural Thuringia, so the participants should not expect busy places and normal city activities for the leisure time during the working days. Small trips in walking distance are possible in the afternoon.

The second part of the workcamp will be in the setting of the German capital Berlin, which will be an exciting opportunity for the volunteers to experience interesting activities in a big city.

Usually average temperatures in Germany during the summer time are about 20º C to 30º C; during the night it will get colder. It is possible that there may be three weeks of non-stop sunshine, but every day rain is not impossible either. In September and October it's about 8º C to 18º C.


Motivation letter related to the project
and CV + photo required
Skype interview will be scheduled for selection.

-EU-members should bring their European Health Insurance Card; those which have an individual travel insurance should bring the certificate


Volunteers should bring:
-sleeping bag
-stable work boots, really appropriate for practical work
-appropriate clothes, waterproof coat
-mosquito protection lotion
-typical recipes, sweets, music, instruments and games from the participants' home country for group activities
-More detailed information will be sent later on the infosheet


100 Years of Workcamps – Volunteering for Heritage




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 35 jaar


Heb je een vraag over dit project? Neem gerust contact met ons op. We staan voor je klaar en denken graag met jou mee!

1. Aanmelding

Heb je interesse in dit groepsproject? Meld je dan direct aan via de knop "Aanmelden".

2. Bevesting

Binnen twee weken na betaling krijg je een bevestiging van plaatsing op het project.

3. Voorbereiding

Kom naar de voorbereidingsdag, zodat je goed voorbereid aan je avontuur kan beginnen.

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