Frankrijk | Natuur

Frankrijk | Natuur

Steek je handen uit de mouwen tijdens een tienerproject in Frankrijk. Dit project vindt plaats van 7 t/m 21 juli en biedt ruimte aan 8 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 15 t/m 17 jaar. Jouw werkzaamheden richten zich op natuur.

Lees snel verder voor meer informatie over het tarief, werk, accommodatie en projectlocatie. Heb je een vraag over dit project? Laat je gegevens achter bij “Stel een vraag” en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van € 200.


Discover Savoie and the magnificent lake called “Lac d'Aiguebelette” by taking part in a footpath development project. The commune of Novalaise would like to promote soft mobility (all the non-motorized trips) in order to encourage travel on foot between the different houses and neighborhoods of the village and towards the lake. In summer, many tourists take their cars to come to the lake, bathe, picnic and enjoy the turquoise waters of this unspoiled natural space. The development of footpaths would allow them to move easily between the different points of the commune. After hosting workcamps in the early 2000s, the town of Novalaise is once again a partner of Concordia in order to set up a new wave of workcamps. During this project, you will be accompanied by team leaders, one of whom will be dedicated to technical aspects. You will work mainly in the morning in order to clear certain areas full of vegetation, maintain the paths (backfilling in particular) and carry out the marking up as well as the installation of panels. You will be the soft mobility ambassadors for the inhabitants and guide them to discover the new paths.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

You will be accommodated in tents (no mixed) in the heart of the village of Novalaise, at the football stadium. You will have access to a room for preparing and eating meals together. You will also have access to sanitary facilities and showers, as well as a closed space for your belongings. Meals will be prepared collectively, preferably with local and seasonal products. Our team leaders will help you with collective decision-making so that everyone can express their opinion and actively participate in the project.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Novalaise is located about ten kilometers from Chambéry, which will be visited during the workcamp. The town benefits from a very pleasant environment with many small shops. There are beaches with supervised swimming areas so you will enjoy the fresh Aiguebelette Lake during the summer. The majority of trips will be by bicycle: it is therefore imperative to know how to ride a bicycle. Many hikes are available in the nearby area: do not forget to take good walking shoes to enjoy the breathtaking views from the Col de l'Epine !



Remember to bring gloves, clothes and shoes for working. For leisure time, it is imperative to bring hiking boots and clothing suitable for the mountain (fleece jacket, hiking shorts and pants, etc.). For accommodation, remember to take a sleeping bag for cold weather as the nights can be cold. Do not forget sun protection (hat, glasses, cream ...) and a swimsuit. Free time activities will be scheduled together with the team leaders and according to your preferences. If you want to share a bit of your culture (cooking recipes, traditional stories, unusual objects, music ...), don't hesitate to take a little piece of your country/region in your backpack. Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues happen on the project, volunteers will have to pay for them, and will then be reimbursed once back in their home country.






Soort werk





Aantal vrijwilligers

8 (4 mannen en 4 vrouwen)


15 t/m 17 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 200




1. Aanmelding

Heb je interesse in dit groepsproject? Meld je dan direct aan via de knop "Aanmelden".

2. Bevesting

Binnen twee weken na betaling krijg je een bevestiging van plaatsing op het project.

3. Voorbereiding

Kom naar de voorbereidingsdag, zodat je goed voorbereid aan je avontuur kan beginnen.

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