Tale Festival of Chiny

Tale Festival of Chiny

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Festival, Kunst
3 t/m 14 juli
Sustainable Development Goals
16. Vrede en recht, 17. Partnerschappen voor de doelstellingen
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The volunteers will work with youth from the region and the professional staff from the festival (200 volunteers on the festival) to set up the performance halls, ensure stewardship during the festival, help with the organization and finally dismantle the site at the end of the festival. The festival takes place on the weekend, the volunteers will work 10 days and will have 3 days off for leisure and discovery at the end. Chiny is a small town located in the Belgian Ardennes, in the Gaume region, near the French border. Various outdoor activities are possible (kayak on the Semois, hiking, visit of the Bouillon castle, the Abbey of Orval).

Accommodatie en maaltijden

The volunteers are accommodated in a fully equipped cottage in Chiny (take your sleeping bag) and the transportation to the workplace is provided by the Festival’ organization. Everyday, the morning and evening meals will be chosen and prepared by the volunteers. The Youth House staff will do the shopping. At lunchtime, meals will be prepared and shared with the staff and other festival volunteers. If the volunteers have specific diets (halal, vegetarian), it is important to tell when registering for the project.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Chiny is a town in the province of Luxembourg, located in Wallonia (French-speaking region of Belgium).


The Chiny Youth House aims at the socio-cultural development of its region, by proposing leisure, discovery and encounter activities to young people. Within this frame, The Youth Center has been participating for several years, in collaboration with the association “Chiny, Cité des Contes”, in the organization of the Chiny Tale Festival. This festival is held for a weekend, in the enchanting setting of the village of Chiny, and offers the public a bunch of storytelling performances in French by international storytellers (Belgium, Niger, Canada, Italy, Japan). More info on http://www.mjcf.be and http://www.conte.be .


Speak French. Interest for cultural and artistic activities. During the assembly and dismantling of the festival, the work will be mostly physical but never too hard. Accessible to all, the heaviest tents are set up by professionals.


Additional fee : Many SCI workcamps will have an additional fee of €50.00. This will cover - local hosting costs; International insurance costs of the volunteer; a small travel fund to enable disadvantaged volunteers to join projects; administration costs of SCI International. If you apply through an SCI branch, the fee will be included in the fee you pay to your sending branch. If you apply through a partner organisation you will pay the fee on arrival at the project; direct to the hosting branch or through a PayPal transfer system. When accepted on the project the host branch will give you more details of the various payment options. Not accessible to people in wheelchairs; open to international volunteers from 16 years old.


Tale Festival of Chiny


BE-SCI 12.3


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18 t/m 99 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


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