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Soort werk
7 t/m 16 augustus
Sustainable Development Goals
3. Goede gezondheid, 4. Kwaliteitsonderwijs
Aantal deelnemers
14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)

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ProgramThere are diverse activities in the camp program: Main program is workshops and non-formal learning throughthe games about games, how to create games, why some games become popular, some not, how gamified theprocess, how games can help you in regular life, in study, in learning and most important how to create your ownnew games.Between main program will be a lot of different activities in small and big groups, like big games in the forest,sport games - football, volleyball, different competitions, intercultural evening, evening of Estonian nationaldances and food, Estonian sauna party, camp fire, disco, night games like Mafia, board games, etc.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

Accommodation depends on the final number of participants. General we will have main house which can hostup to 46 participants. The content of the rooms is the following: one room with two beds, one room with threebeds, five rooms with four beds, one room for five people, one room for seven people and one apartment whichhas two rooms with four beds and with five beds.In addition we can have huts, in the youth camp there are 10 huts (each has four beds) which can be used allyear round. The toilets and bathrooms are in the main house and in the sauna.Meals will be hosted in the spacious dining room of the camp. Five times a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snackor fruit, dinner, night snack or fruit and tea. Meals are cooked by professional cooks. However, participants willbe asked to help clean after yourself.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Camp located in Saku Parish, in 25 km from Tallinn central city (capital of Estonia), on the shore of river Keilaand between Saku and Saue. Closest city is Saku, a small town with population of 4,618 (as of 2005).Surroundings and camps infrastructureSaku Youth Camp have a large dining room, a conference room, a tepee, two saunas, fireplaces, a swimmingplace and ball fields.HALLS, TERRACES, SUMMER KITCHENTo carry out internal activities, there is a big hall on the second floor of the main house and the fireplace room inthe sauna house. We also have an over 100 m terrace in front of the sauna house to carry out activities and alarge summer kitchen.SAUNAThe campers can use two saunas.SWIMMINGThe plot of the youth camp is surrounded by Keila river which has a nice and safe swimming place duringsummer (the depth of the river is up to 1 meter)MAKING FIREThere are two fireplaces and a tepee to make fire. We can help by making pancake dough (we have our own firepans) or dough for the stick bread, if desired.BALL GAMESWe have balls, football goals and the volleyball net for ballgames.SMALL SHOPSmall shop with ice-cream only.


This camp is organized for teenagers by youth center Vihasoo, which has been running national youth camps for30 years and hosted more than 16000 youngsters during this years and YouthClubActive NGO, which deals withErasmus programs for 10 years. International teenage camps will be hosted in 25 km from Tallinn (Capital ofEstonia), on the shore of river Keila and between Saku and Saue.The main goal of the camp is to understand how to create games, why some games become popular, some not,how gamified the process and most important create your own new gamesThe program will include water activities, sport and ball games, workshops, disco, camp fire, board games andnight game like Mafia, intercultural nights, sauna.Besides all this, camp gives possibility for intensive contacts between local youth and their peers from abroad,showing youngsters the diversity of world cultures, broadening their horizons and encouraging activecommunication through games and creative activities.The area of the camp is about 2.5 hectares and it can host over 70 youngsters on one shift. The age of localparticipants is 13-17.


Special requirementsParticipants have to be sporty (e.g. be ready to walk up to 3 km,), independent enough, curious andinterested in active life style. Please inform us beforehand about allergies, dietary requirements you haveor others prescriptions from your doctor. Please bring wind and waterproof clothes, goods shoes, warm andsummer clothes. It s advisable to take thermal underwear . It is advisable to take tick vaccination beforecoming. Generally, age of participants is 14-17, however exceptions are possible. NB Smoking, drinkingalcohol, using drugs is absolutely prohibited in the camp and this policy will be followed strictly Camp common language is English.Local languages are Estonian and Russian.Participation feeUnlike the normal camp there will be not too much of work here. Nevertheless, participants will be provided withboard, lodging, local transportation and all equipment necessary to realize camp program. Besides, programinvolves a lot of extra costs for excursions, trips out, visits, sport activities, equipment, materials and generaladministration and leadership. Since neither EstYES nor its local camp partner, does not receive financial supportfor this camp to realize this camp we have to charge participation fee of 395Euro , which covers all camp and program costs including transfer from Tallinn to and from the camp,and which has to be paid by bank transfer before the camp or by participants upon arrival to the camp.The bank details will be provided after the acceptance of the participant to the camp.






Soort werk





Aantal vrijwilligers

14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


14 t/m 18 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 395




Sustainable Development Goal


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