What a COSMOS!

What a COSMOS!

In het kort:

Soort werk
Kinderen, Kunst
23 juli t/m 7 augustus
Sustainable Development Goals
4. Kwaliteitsonderwijs, 10. Verminderde ongelijkheid
Aantal deelnemers
5 (2 mannen en 3 vrouwen)

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Do you enjoy working with people? Do you care about nature and want to explore how it is to work in the meadow surrounded by forest and fields? Would you like to be a part of an artistic team? If so, don’t wait and apply for our workcamp! What a COSMOS?’ is a two-week artistic project with kids and youngsters from a small village in central Poland. Each year, with the help of the local community we set up a wooden camp where our artistic workshops take place. This year we want to explore the topic of the universe not only by observing the sky but also by asking ourselves what it means to be a part of it. During the project the following activities will be organized: stargazing and night sky watching, theatrical workshops, scenography workshops, body and dance improvisation, art workshops for the youngest kids, disco cosmos, and final performance. Volunteers will work 5 days a week for 6 hours per day and will support us by: - Taking care of participants during the breaks (there will be one long break during a day which requires organizing games and activities for kids) - Helping with making the scenography and decorations for the final performance, -Keeping artistic supplies in order, -Taking care of the technical side during the final show; We will also encourage our volunteers to come up with their own ideas, especially regarding the scenography and visual side of the camp.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

The volunteers will get a place to sleep in one classroom in a primary school in Zambski Kościelne (15 min from the camp) where mattresses, bedsheets, and pillows will be provided. Bring your own sleeping bag! They will have access to the kitchen and prepare meals together. A budget will be allocated to the leaders and each of the volunteers will participate in the shopping. There are toilets in the school but no showers so the volunteers will go to the nearby local community members to take a shower. The list of houses will be arranged before your arrival and the coordinator will discuss with you the ‘shower schedule’.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Zambski Kościelne is a small village in central Poland, located 70 km from the capital city. Its picturesque surroundings attract lots of people who choose this place to get some peace and quiet far away from the hectic city life. Our volunteers will have the possibility to take relaxing walks, go cycling, swim, go canoeing or enjoy their company by the fire. Our local community is also an asset since they are extremely engaged in our project and eager to spend time with volunteers to share our Polish traditions of hospitality. There will be also an option to organize a one-day trip to Warsaw (the capital of Poland) or Pułtusk (a small town 10 km from Zambski)


Flows Foundation is focused on bringing art into small local communities by using tools of art and alternative education. The main areas of our work include theater, environment, sustainability, and cooperation. Project ‘What a COSMOS’ will be our fifth edition of the theatrical project in Zambski Kościelne (you can check the photos on our Facebook page: Lato w Teatrze Zambski Kościelne’).


Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues arise during the project, volunteers will have to pay for it, and then be reimbursed once back in their home country.


Remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes which are suitable for working outside. Lots of sun cream and mosquito repellant will also be a great idea! Have in mind that nights can be chilly, so bring a good warm sleeping bag. If you wish, you can bring a culinary specialty from your country, games, or music to share your culture with other participants or the local community.


What a COSMOS!




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

5 (2 mannen en 3 vrouwen)


18 t/m 30 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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