Historic Hiking Trail in Niefern-Öschelbronn

Historic Hiking Trail in Niefern-Öschelbronn

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Soort werk
Natuur, Restauratie
6 t/m 20 augustus
Aantal deelnemers
10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)

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Join this workcamp and contribute to improving a historical hiking trail in an ecological way! In this camp, your main task will be to refurbish and ecologically enhance parts of a hiking path called “Eppinger Linienweg” between the two communities Niefern and Öschelbronn. The “Eppingen lines” is a historical site: it used to be a defensive line built in the 17th century. You will be working in collaboration with the local association LMU (Leben, Mensch, Umwelt) which is the German for “Life, Human, Environment”. Several tasks await you! You will • build a dry wall (be ready to lift some heavy stones!); • build a wild bee hotel; • do many maintenance works along the way; • plant shrubs; • lay sand beds for the wild bees to nest (most of the species nest in the ground); • fill some parts of the way with gravel; • build some steps where needed. The work site is about 15 to 20 minutes by foot from your accommodation. There will be the possibility for you to go by car with the people of the LMU association. The work will be led by a professional instructor, so no previous experience is needed. Some days, you might be split up in smaller groups to do different tasks. You will work around 30 hours per week, somewhere between 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday with a 1-2 hour lunchbreak.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

You will be accommodated in an apartment between Niefern and Öschelbronn, which belongs to the city. In the apartment there are 2-3 different rooms for you to sleep in – they can be separated by gender if you wish so. Camp beds are provided but please, bring your own sleeping bag! There is also one equipped kitchen as well as one bathroom with toilets inside. Your group of volunteers will be responsible for grocery shopping and cooking together. The food will be bought with the camp budget and everybody will take turns for cooking and cleaning. In order to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, we encourage volunteers to reduce meat and try more sustainable dishes.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Niefern-Öschelbronn is surrounded by nature and it is close to the bigger city of Pforzheim and the Unesco World Heritage Site “Maulbronn Monastery”, a well preserved monastery built during the Middle Ages. Within a couple hours on the train you can reach the cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart but also the Black Forest which is very popular for hiking. In addition, the members of different local associations are ready to organise some activities for you! You will also have the possibility to do a bicycle tour or a hike around Niefern-Öschelbronn, passing through fields, forests and meadows. Last but not least, you will get free entry to the local municipal outdoor swimming pool during the whole duration of your stay!


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all volunteers need to be either fully vaccinated (2 to 3 shots of one of the following vaccines: BioNtech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson) or recovered (date of infection must be at least 28 days old and max 90 days old).


Historic Hiking Trail in Niefern-Öschelbronn


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Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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