Meadow Lands Schenkenzell

Meadow Lands Schenkenzell

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Soort werk
Handarbeid, Natuur
30 juli t/m 13 augustus
Sustainable Development Goals
11. Duurzame steden en gemeenschappen, 15. Leven op het land
Aantal deelnemers
12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)

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The community of Schenkenzell is counting on your help to support them with several landscape management projects around the village. You should expect physical work outside! Schenkenzell is surrounded by the forest as well as large meadows, which were once used for agriculture. Today, some of these meadows are classified as habitats with a particularly high diversity of plant and animal species. Your job will be to help maintain these important landscapes. Your tasks will include: • Open meadow ditches again, in order to improve the exploitation of the fields; • Remove invasive plants like fern; • Clearing a forest meadow off overgrown plants; • Freeing the edge of the forest and some hiking trails off overgrown branches. The work will be led by a professional instructor, so no previous experience is needed. You will work around 30 hours per week from Monday to Friday.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

You will live in a gym hall, in the centre of the village. You will sleep on camp beds in one big room, please bring your own sleeping bag! In the building there are sanitary facilities which can be separated by gender and a kitchen for you to use. The gym hall is often used for different kinds of activities like parties and events, so there is everything a group needs! In Schenkenzell itself you can find a bakery, a pharmacy, a little supermarket and a public swimming pool. For proper shopping there are bigger supermarkets around 5 km away. Your group of volunteers will be responsible for grocery shopping and cooking together. The food will be bought with the camp budget and everybody will take turns for cooking and cleaning. In order to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, we encourage volunteers to reduce meat and try more sustainable plant based dishes.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Schenkenzell is a quite small community of about 1.800 inhabitants. Nonetheless it has a lot to offer! The village is about 750 years old and it is known for its monastery, well-known brewery and beautiful landscapes, where you can find many hiking trails. This explains why it is a destination very much appreciated both by German and international tourists. During your free time you will have the opportunity to go on hikes in the Black Forest, visit the monastery and the brewery but also go on excursions to cities like Freiburg and Strasbourg (France).


Schenkenzell is nested in the middle of the Black Forest. In the past, the main activities for the inhabitants were agriculture, farming and mining. Although agriculture and farming have almost died out today, the village is still surrounded by meadows and land, which need to be maintained. This year, the community of Schenkenzell invites an international workcamp for the 6th time and they are always very happy to welcome the volunteers. Your work will be mostly landscape management and this will benefit both the community of Schenkenzell and the people who visit it. In addition, your work in the meadows and the forest will help to protect biodiversity. By joining this project you are actively supporting sustainable communities (UN SDG 11) and biodiversity (UN SDG 15).


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all volunteers need to be either fully vaccinated (2 to 3 shots of one of the following vaccines: BioNtech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson) or recovered (date of infection must be at least 28 days old and max 90 days old).


Meadow Lands Schenkenzell


IBG 29


Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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