Let your creativity flow! – Spremberg is calling!

Let your creativity flow! – Spremberg is calling!

In het kort:

Soort werk
Constructie, Handarbeid, Kinderen
20 augustus t/m 4 september
Sustainable Development Goals
11. Duurzame steden en gemeenschappen, 15. Leven op het land
Aantal deelnemers
14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)

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This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary for this camp! Our camp at Bohsdorf (in Spremberg) is located right in the middle of a beautiful forest in a rural area. During the last two year from 2020 – 2022 a lot of work has been done to renovate and expand the area. Still, there is still plenty of work to do. There are two specific projects which you can support with you work and motivation. One of them is building a terrace for giving workshops and the other one is building floats from modules. Additionally there are always still small things to improve and work on all over the area. At Spremberg city you will have the opportunity to get an insight into the work of our intergenerational center „Bergschlösschen“ (translation: small hill castle). There we work with refugee families and offer activities for children. You are very welcome to support us here as well. Spremberg is located in Brandenburg and ca. 120km from Berlin, 100km from Dresden and 30km from Cottbus. With only 30km it is also very close tot he border of Poland. You can reach the city easily via train whereas the camp at Bohsdorf does not have public transport. At you arrival there will be a personal shuttle for you as a group to get you from the train station in Spremberg to the camp

Accommodatie en maaltijden

You cook together. Money for the food shopping is provided to you. Vegetarian or vegan meals are possible. Please indicate any allergies when registering. You will be sleeping in shared bedrooms in brand new bungalows. Camp area is in the middle of a beautiful forest and surrounded by a fence. The camp has a central house for sanitation with toilets and showers as well as a community area.

Locatie en vrije tijd

In your free time you can play volleyball, beach soccer or table tennis. You can also go swimming at Felixsee, which is only a 5 min walk from the camp. The camp area at Bohsdorf has a space for barbecue. You also have internet reception there. At Spremberg city are even more things to do such as visiting the public outdoor swimming pool, going to the cinema or checking out the skate area. Spremberg is located at Spreewald with loads of lakes and small rivers to take a ride on a boat or go canoeing. Furthermore, you can work with soapstone and express yourself creatively. During the whole time of the camp there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get to know the wonderful people and places of this region.


Covid Rules (may change depending on the course of the pandemic): 3G+: Participation possible for vaccinated, or recovered or fresh tested persons. ALL participants must arrive with an official negative rapid test (not older than 24 hours) or PCR test (not older than 48 hours). On arrival we will ask again to do a self-rapid test. Thereafter, the entire group must perform a rapid self-test at least every 72 hours. We will provide self-rapid tests for the arrival and the whole camp period! Subject to changes! You will receive more detailed information after confirming your registration and at least 3 weeks before the start of the camp with the specific info sheet for your camp.


Please note: There is a special Teenage Fee of 150€ for international volunteers who applied under 18 in this camp.


Let your creativity flow! – Spremberg is calling!


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Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers

14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


16 t/m 26 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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