Build Festival 2022

Build Festival 2022

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Soort werk
Constructie, Festival, Natuur
29 juni t/m 21 juli
Sustainable Development Goals
9. Innovatie en infastructuur, 11. Duurzame steden en gemeenschappen
Aantal deelnemers
15 (6 mannen en 9 vrouwen)

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The Work Camp aims to help create the best possible building festival. You will all be working together in smaller teams of 2-5. Week 1: During this week, the volunteers will be setting up the festival by sorting wood, moving materials around and making signs and decorations for the festival. You will also be working on setting up the different areas of the festival - “the building area”, “bar”, “kitchen”, “dishwashing area”, “ticket-check-in”, “toilets”, “tent area”, “creative area”, “kids zone” and the “music stage area”. You can be creative and design an area as you think works best - you are creating the festival setting for everyone to enjoy. Week 2: During this week, the festival will take place. You will be working in different areas of responsibility. You will be checking tickets in the ”check-in zone,” assisting in the kitchen, working with kids in the ”kids zone,” and assisting in the “tool shop.” We decide on who does what, together. During week 2, all 500 festival guests (who purchase tickets) are assigned to also help run the festival with a minimum of one volunteer task. Thereby making everyone a volunteer. They fill out the tasks of “bar shifts”, “kitchen shifts”, “toilet check-ups” and “matter out of place shifts (tidy up)”. It creates a very unique atmosphere when everyone helps to make the festival happen. Week 3: During this week, you will be taking the festival apart, and cleaning up the festival area. We aim to leave no trace behind. During this week, we will also briefly evaluate the festival and your entire experience before the farewell party.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

Accommodation: Everyone should bring a minimum of a sleeping bag, a pillow and a towel. From experience, the festival knows that some people might not want to stay in tents due to temperatures (normally ranging from 10-25 degrees celsius, with a few days of heavy winds). Therefore, there will be an option to borrow a mattress and sleep inside in a nice big room with others at the festival site. Most people will be sleeping in tents - festival style! We recommend that you bring your own tent. We will try to get tents for everyone who wants one but we can’t make promises before we know how many need one. Food: Everyone will take part in cooking, according to a plan we decide on together, as part of the work you will do during your stay. During the festival, food will be served to you, three times a day. All the food is vegan, sometimes with vegetarian options. Bathroom Facilities: The festival has toilet facilities and showers - and a lovely beach just a few minutes' walk away. The sea is lovely. There is also a washing machine and kitchen facilities for snacks.

Locatie en vrije tijd

The festival is located by the sea, in the countryside, but only five kilometres from Ebeltoft – a lovely small city with 8000 inhabitants and known as a great tourist destination. In your spare time, there are many things to do and see. The festival has some bikes so it will be possible to bike and explore the surrounding area (maybe not everyone at the same time). Some days it might be possible to borrow a car to take a trip, to see the Mols National Naturpark or visit Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus (45 minutes away by car / 120 minutes by bus). Your Work Camp leaders will help you and the group with organizing activities in your spare time. It is free to enjoy the beautiful nature of Ebeltoft, but some activities might require an extra charge. The host will not cover additional charges. We aim to have 5-7 days off, during the 22 days of Work Camp. We work hard and play hard - and strive to accommodate everyone's personal wishes during this intents, fun and exciting period with great people all around.


Grobund Build Festival is a 7 day-long festival with over 600 guests, camping, concerts, workshops, talks and co-creation. The festival's goal is to enhance learning, craft skills, cultural exchange and push new movements for co-creation. Our goal is to create a sustainable festival with a focus on zero waste and reconstruction. At the festival, everyone has an active role and everyone creates the experience. Anyone can choose to build their own projects or join other projects. We provide for free, all the professional electric powertools and recycled building materials that you will need. When someone builds something, they can choose to take it home with them or donate it for charity. Though the main aspect of the festival is creating, the festival is also so much more, featuring workshops during the day and live bands and DJ ́s every night. The festival is only a small project of a much greater one. The large project called 'Grobund' (meaning fertile soil) was founded by 160 people who received money to buy a large factory and 10 hectares of land, with the ambition of making a new off-grid house and eco-village. At the factory, they are building 30 off-grid houses and have started 30 companies within the past four years. When you are at the Work Camp, you will encounter many people at our factory working on many interesting projects. You will together with many others help to make one project - creating the best possible festival for everyone to enjoy.


We have no more COVID19 restrictions in Denmark. This basically means that our everyday lives are back to normal, with no masks, assembly bans and test requirements. There are still a few restrictions on entry into the country, but if you are vaccinated or recently infected, then there are currently no isolation or test requirements. Be aware, that airlines might have requirements regarding COVID-19. Though our restrictions are gone, we know that COVID19 is still a problem worldwide. We want to assure you, that you will be safe at the camps, personal boundaries will be respected, tests are still an option for no extra cost and you can wear a mask if you wish. We will of course also inform you of any changes. We are looking for people who are open-minded, social and self-motivated. We expect that you treat both nature and others with respect. We do not require any previous experience but value a wide range of competencies. We hope that you are eager to be a part of a team and create an incredible experience for yourself and everyone that attends the build festival. English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing to speak English, even though being from the same country or have trouble with the English language. Try your best! Please also bring appropriate working shoes and clothes both indoor and outdoor - the style does not matter.


Build Festival 2022




Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers

15 (6 mannen en 9 vrouwen)


20 t/m 34 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.