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Soort werk
Handarbeid, Restauratie
20 t/m 31 augustus
Sustainable Development Goals
9. Innovatie en infastructuur, 15. Leven op het land
Aantal deelnemers

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Despite craftsmanship being the inspiration for this field of work and the central theme where young people will be able to experience various forms of manual work, it is in the restoration of furniture that will predominantly focus the various tasks to be developed. Young people will learn to transform monos into unique and original specimens. The challenge is to make the participants work the furniture and in this way learn in real time to give it another life. The intention is to collect a mono or rescuing an object from someone to prevent it from having a less happy end.Criarte will have two fundamental components that give rise to 2 paths to the same end: Restoration ( return the original luster and qualities of the piece of furniture; Recovery ( recover the furniture

Accommodatie en maaltijden

Food will be prepared by everyone and the accommodation will be at the sports hall in Salvaterra de Magos. The food include 17 breakfast, lunches, coffee break, dinners and 17 suppers. This accommodation includes kitchen, bathrooms with showers and wi-fi.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Salvaterra de Magos is a Portuguese village belonging to the district of SantarEm, and the former province of Ribatejo, with about 6,200 inhabitants. It is the seat of the municipality of Salvaterra de Magos with an area of 243.93 kmI and 22,159 inhabitants, subdivided into 4 parishes.


Promote mobility and exchange through craft activities related to the Municipality of Salvaterra de Magos that encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge of the sociocultural and artistic reality of the territory, facilitating the relationship of all young people in the community through non-formal educational activities of marked consistency in interculturality. CreArte has with the objective of establishing contacts, making friends, helping to carry out a project artisan reference and better understand Portuguese Culture and its arts/crafts. It is intended that the project will produce/reuse objects to be sold later and in this way raise funds that can help needy families, through the restoration of furniture.






PT-IPJ 12.4


Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers



18 t/m 30 jaar


Sustainable Development Goal


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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