teen camp Zonnehoeve

teen camp Zonnehoeve

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Soort werk
Landbouw, Natuur
3 t/m 17 juli
Sustainable Development Goals
12. Verantwoorde consumptie
Aantal deelnemers

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Work: the volunteers will work on the farm and in the natural reserve areas around the farm. They will carry out farm tasks, such as working the land, preparing a piece of land for a new purpose, cutting trees and plants, making a chicken coop, bringing horses to the fields and guarding cattle. In farming, weather conditions determine to some extent what is urgent. What will be done during the project period will therefore depend on what the farm management considers necessary at the time.

the volunteers will have a common room, where they can relax, prepare food and eat. The participants can choose whether they will sleep in the common room or in a tent in a field near the common room. The extra fee takes into account costs for additional trained workcamp staff and proper transport to and from the camp. In line with Dutch laws, use of alcohol is prohibited for youngsters below 18 years.

Together with the camp leaders the volunteers will discuss the recreational program. The camp leaders will have some ideas, but of course it is possible for the volunteers to put forward their own ideas for this program! Leisure time will also be spent on the general theme Discover your impact! The farm management is available to explain the philosophy behind the Zonnehoeve operation. Zonnehoeve is located in the vicinity of some beautiful natural reserves. The forest rangers will be able to organise excursions into these areas. Also, the relatively new city of Almere, and of course, the city of Amsterdam offer interesting options for excursions during the weekends.

Location & partner: The organic farm Zonnehoeve is located near Zeewolde, a small town in the province of Flevoland. Flevoland is “new land”: some 50 years ago, in 1968, this area was recovered from the Zuiderzee, a branch of the North Sea. Zonnehoeve was created in 1981. It is an exciting development in agriculture based on a closed production cycle: cattle breeding and agriculture service each other; all waste remains within the farm and is reused. The livestock of the Zonnehoeve – horse and cattle – graze on the lands of the Dutch State Forestry, the organisation commissioned by the Dutch government to manage a large part of the natural reserves in the Netherlands. In close cooperation with the State Forestry Zonnehoeve is working towards a sustainable living environment for man, plant and animal. Apart from its agriculture and cattle breeding branch the Zonnehoeve has a care branch: a living - working community for persons with development problems. This activity is integrated in the production cycle: the participants of the care facility work on the farm and in the bakery.

Sustainable Development Goal

#12: Responsible consumption and production


Motivation letter
Parental consent
Tent (in case participants want to sleep outside)
Sleeping mat
Sleeping bag
High top sneakers
Rain is spread throughout the year, so bring warm clothes, a raincoat and a swimming suit
Smartphone to make a video clip


teen camp Zonnehoeve




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers



15 t/m 17 jaar



Sustainable Development Goal

Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 245, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.