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Archeologie, Handarbeid
4 t/m 17 september
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The volunteers will continue the work from the previous years in the area of the fortress Kupinik, destroyed in 1521 when Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquered this region. You’ll join the team of volunteers led by a local archaeologist in the continuance of the field works in the compound of the Kupinik fortress in Kupinovo. The workcamps of last years and this year are the first conservation works on the fortress probably since it was destroyed. The volunteers will clear the area under the vertical parts of the fortress walls and the paths towards the fortress connecting it with the village. The volunteers will also participate in organizing and help during the local manifestation – The days of the DRAGONS. This manifestation is being held in the honour of Serbian Despot Vuk Grgurevic Brankovic, remembered by people as The Dragon Fiery Vuk, who was a member of the Knight's Order of the Dragon, and he used to rule in Kupinik, where he died 537 years ago. The core of the program are knight games, an exhibition of medieval weapons, a medieval bazaar and table and a concert of spiritual music, and trying out medieval armour and weapons to illustrate knightly struggles. Also, organizing several workshops: calligraphy (art of fine writing) and forging, as well as archery workshops, in an attractive and interactive manner, visitors will conjure up the beauty of old crafts and skills.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

Volunteers will stay in two renovated houses in the Ethno Park, sleeping on mattresses. Bring your sleeping bag! Food will be prepared by a local cook.

Locatie en vrije tijd

Kupinovo is 50 km south-west of Belgrade in the Srem Region. It is well known by the famous special protected area “Obedska bara”, the oldest protected area in Europe. There are some very important cultural and historical monuments in this area which will be shown to the volunteers during leisure time.


About Young Researches of Serbia – Voluntary Service of Serbia: YRS was founded in 1976. Our main aims are environmental protection and education, promotion of sustainable development, work with young people in an international context, promotion of scientific creativity and voluntarism and its values. Voluntary Service of Serbia is a volunteer exchange service center founded in 1990 as one of the sectors of YRS. It is a volunteer exchange reference point for this part of Europe. Through VSS passed more than 5000 Serbian volunteers who participated in international voluntary workcamps all around the world and 2500 of foreign ones at more than 250 workcamps in Serbia and about 40 long-term volunteers. YRS is a member of: the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service, Youth and Environment Europe, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, and a partner of Service Civil International in Serbia. YRS is one of the founding members of the networks: South East European Youth Network and Youth Culture in Action Network. The Srem Region has been permanently inhabited since the early Stone Age with many clear signs of life just below the ground surface. Thanks to those signs we are able to see activities, ways of life even the way of thinking of the inhabitants of past time. The overall excavations of all historical layers show that this part of the region has an extraordinary rich cultural background. The locality “Ethno house” in Kupinovo village should provide evidence on communities living here since the Iron Age. Many of the localities are endangered due to agriculture or construction, especially in industrial zones, but not this one. The first excavations started seven years ago and after four workcamps the results were very positive.


The health insurance is not provided for you! You must arrange it before your departure from home. The camp leaders will deal first aid and minor medical problems.


This is a perfect workcamp for students of archaeology/history or anyone especially interested in archaeology and history.






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18 t/m 99 jaar


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.

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