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Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 21 dagen naar een natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 12 juli t/m 2 augustus.

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-GoalsThe objective of the field of work is to participate in the cleaning, conservation of the Huacachina lagoon, developing a dynamic of awareness about the conservation of the environment.-ActivitiesThe volunteers, under the supervision of a technical leader and specialized personnel from the public and private institutions involved in the care of the lagoon, will participate to all the necessary tasks regarding the cleaning of the Huacachina lagoon and surroundings.In the afternoons, the participants will have the task of raising awareness of the tourists, as well as local population (schools, businesses, population in general). They will have the support of the specialized environmental unit of the Regional Government of Ica, will be provided with pedagogic material and also will be encourage to create animations and games to raise awareness about natural conservation.The fieldwork will end with the organization of an open doors day to show the results of the work of the volunteers to the inhabitants of the city and schools.
The participants will be accommodated in the center of the city of Ica. The rooms will have water, electricity, laundry. Participants will sleep in shared rooms and will have to bring their own sleeping bag with them.Volunteers will receive local food and will have to take care of the cooking and cleaning activities. Do not forget some traditional, typical foods, drinks and recipes from your country of origin for the international evening.
The city of Ica, located in the desert coast of southern Peru, has a rich pre-Inca, colonial and contemporary historical past.Piedras Museum founded by the collector Dr. Javier Cabrera contains a collection of mysterious and diverse stones engraved with scenes of human activities.Regional Museum of Ica Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins has an incalculable historical value and presents the pre-Inca cultures typical of the region.The Cathedral of Ica is an example of the Hispanic colonial architecture of southern Peru built in 1759, the last construction established by the Jesuits.Tacama vineyard, founded in 1540, is the first vineyard in Peru, and still produces wines and Pisco according to the tradition and culture of the Ica region.Laguna de Huacachina, one of the few natural oases that exist in the country, surrounded by a landscape that harmonizes dunes, palm trees and huarangos, being an indisputable natural symbol of the city of Ica.
The lagoon of Huacachina, is one of the few natural oasis that exist in the country, which is combined with a landscape that harmonizes dunes, palm trees and huarangos, to the waters of the lagoon they were attributed in the past great healing properties.Nowadays, both public and private institutions recognize the importance this area as natural heritage and source of income through the touristic development. One of the main challenges for the conservation and valorization of the lagoon is the pollution of its sourroundings.The main objective is to help the care, preservation, and cleanliness of the Huacachina lagoon in all aspects, raising awareness through environmental education to national and foreign visitors on the importance of this natural conservation area, as well as supporting public institutions in charge of the protection of the environment, so there will be a pluricultural exchange between volunteers and national and foreign tourists.The Brigade of Bolivarian Volunteers of Peru (BVBP) through the Ica branch are eager to welcome volunteers willing to support this project and build together an environmental culture.
Bring clothes to protect from the cold at night, volunteering will take place in the winter season; also subscribe a health insurance in case of emergency.
Extra Fees doesn t apply to Peruvian Participants – Los costos especiales no se aplican a los participantes Peruvianos



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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

$ 250 (Amerikaanse dollar)



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