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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een sociaal en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 14 augustus.

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The first week of the project will be focusing on creating green spaces at the retirement home. During the second week the volunteers will be visiting different towns in Hidalgo such as Tizayuca, Zapotlan and Villa de Tezontepec and organizing activities with different communities. The volunteers are expected to work with the communities in order to increase the consciousness about eating organic vegetables and fruits, creating more green spaces, and reducing waste by using it as fertilizer or preparing a compost.
The volunteers will be hosted in apartments with dormitories. Food will be provided.
The workcamp will be organized in Tolcayuca in the state of Hidalgo. Tolcayuca is located on the north of Mexico City. It takes around one hour by car. The university is located in Tolcayuca which is located between Mexico City and the capital of Hidalgo, Pachuca. The volunteers can travel to Mexico City or other parts of the state of Hidalgo on their spare time. There are several archeological sites in the area to visit. Tula de Allende is an archeological site located in Hidalgo also there Tolantongo is famous with its thermal water resources. From the link below you can reach more information about Hidalgo;
The main objective of the this project is to improve the lives of the people living in the retirement home by creating green spaces, planting fruits and vegetables and organizing activities with them. The project will be organized in cooperation with the municipality of Tolcayuca, Hidalgo. In addition the project also aims to bring volunteers and different communities from Hidalgo together.

Environmental Project at the Retirement Home




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10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


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