Make Cochabamba Green Again

Make Cochabamba Green Again

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Environmental Summer Course Join us in Bolivia and make a difference for people and the environment. At the summer course in Bolivia you will learn about culture and society, while also working together with other international volunteers. You will plant trees and help creating a vegetable garden in a slum area in the outskirts of Cochabamba. This programme will also be a great opportunity, if you want to learn Spanish! Experience the mountain peaks of the Andes, a strong indigenous culture and a beautiful country where you can experience both the jungle, mountains and the salt desert. Interesting and inspiring learning The summer course in Bolivia is for you, if you are passionate about the environment and climate and would like to help improving the conditions for the poorest Bolivians. In the Mercado Campesino slum, we will create a green area together with the residents where they can grow vegetables and thus get better nutrition. We will also plant trees in order to counter deforestation and create a greener local environment. The green area will belong to the community and will be a much-needed gathering place for the residents. The volunteer work will be combined with exciting seminars where we will learn about Bolivia’s many different indigenous cultures and how their worldview can inspire an alternative view and idea of nature. You will learn about the biggest environmental and climate challenges in Bolivia today, focusing both on the highlands and the Amazon. You will also have the opportunity to learn Spanish. The group will be divided into smaller groups depending on your current level of Spanish. You do not need to have experience with Spanish beforehand in order to participate. You will be taught by Bolivian teachers and you can try out your newly acquired skills when meeting with local Bolivians during the course. During the programme we will also travel outside of the city to the small villages of El Valle Alto where most people are farmers and speak the language Quechua. We will learn about how environmental and climate change affect their lives. However, we will also get time to experience the amazing nature of the mountains. Cross-cultural exchange Working in the slum creates new bonds and opportunities to get to know Bolivians. You will learn some Spanish, so you can try starting a conversation yourself and learn about what hopes and dreams people living in the slums have. The children are always ready for a football match and there is plenty of room to take initiatives and start activities for them. We will also meet with local students from the city’s university, who live a completely different life than in the slums. We will discuss and share experiences from their and our lives as young people. The programme Most of the programme will be focused on volunteering. We want to get something done while we are in Bolivia. However, there should also be time for you to travel and to learn. The classes are complementary to the voluntary work. So, you will learn about the conditions in Bolivia in general and in the local area of Cochabamba specifically before we get to work. However, you will also learn by working together with locals and by going on the excursions out of town to see the issues discussed in class for yourself. We will start almost every weekday with Spanish lessons in small groups. Except for the Spanish lessons, the rest of the program will be in English, so everyone can follow no matter your previous experience with Spanish. Highlights from the programme 1st week: Welcome to Bolivia: South America’s Green Heart - Introduction to Bolivia and Cochabamba - Get to know the city and guided tour so you can find your way around by yourself - Visit the slums and get to know the organisation’s work - Lessons on indigenous culture and environmental issues in Bolivia - Starting the Spanish lessons - Starting the volunteer work - Weekend with possibility of planning your own trip 2nd week: Tree planting and planting of vegetable garden - Lessons about responsible volunteering - Planting trees and caring for already planted trees - Creating vegetable gardens, mowing grass and establishing the green area - Spanish lessons during mornings - Lesson on environmental and climate change in the Amazon - Excursion to village in El Valle Alto with focus on rural life - Weekend with possibility of planning your own trip 3rd week: Conditions for youth, women and children in Bolivia - Lesson on women’s and children’s conditions in Bolivia - Spanish lessons - Meetings with local youth. - Learn about differences between youth in your country compared to Bolivia. - Complete the volunteer work on the green area - Farewell dinner NB: The program is subject to change. Your trainers Your trainers will be committed young people from our local partner in Bolivia. You will meet various trainers during the programme. However, they all have in common that they are passionate about a greener future with greater equality for Bolivia. There will always be at least one guide present who speaks English during the entire program. You can expect to be part of a young, local and international committed community.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

We will live in the highlands of Cochabamba, surrounded by beautiful mountains. We will live together in a large house with bedrooms and common rooms where we will have our meals served, and where we can spend time during the afternoons and evenings. We will have all meals together during the weekdays from Monday to Friday. Three meals a day from Monday to Friday is included in the extra fee. In the weekends, the meals are not included as this time is free for you to travel in the area or perhaps try out some of the cafés in Cochabamba. The town both has colourful markets, nice cafés and restaurants.

Locatie en vrije tijd

You can spend the afternoons practicing your Spanish at ”La Cancha”, which is the market in Cochabamba and one of Latin America’s largest. Here you can buy almost everything, while it is also the heart of the city’s business and cultural life. During the weekends you will have time to go on longer trips, if you wish to. t will not be part of the scheduled programme, but we can help you arrange trips when you are here. One option could be to climb Pico Turani, where you reach an altitude of 5 km and from where you can get a stunning view of the Cochabamba Valley from above. You might even be so lucky to spot a condor or llama on your way. Or how about exploring the Torotoro National Park between caves, canyons, waterfalls and strange rock formations, and spend the night in a beautiful mountain village? If you stay a little longer in Bolivia, you can also reach the jungle or Bolivia’s famous salt desert Salar de Uyuni.


MS Denmark has a long history of sending volunteers, organizing work camps and study courses. We are part of ActionAid International, and we fight globally against inequality by supporting marginalized people in fighting for their rights and organizing to break the structures which holds them back in poverty. We also organize and facilitate cultural meetings, as we believe this can bring about understanding, respect and international solidarity.


Duration: 3 weeks, starting from 5th of July and ending on 26th of July in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The extra fee of the camp includes: - Induction course the 3rd of July online - Airport pickup - 3 weeks of summer camp in Bolivia (incl. accommodation all days and food during weekdays) - All workshops, excursions and project visits as planned in the program - All local transportation - Travel guide following the group during the whole program - Access to 24hour emergency phone The fee does not include: • Flight ticket to Bolivia • Travel insurance • Food during weekends Important information about transportation; When confirming your participation on the camp, we will make sure to provide you with detailed instructions on where and when to meet the group. Please don’t buy any flight tickets or travel insurance etc. before your participation is confirmed by us. Please note that it is of your own responsibility to buy a travel insurance.


Make Cochabamba Green Again




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