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Shining Star ECDC and Orphans School

In het kort:
Soort werk
Handarbeid, Kinderen, Onderwijs
8 t/m 29 januari
Aantal deelnemers
20 (8 mannen en 12 vrouwen)

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Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

PROJECT Activities
• Early childhood development; basic primary school education;
• This year 2015 the School has launched the secondary school section with the first students’ intake launched in February 2015.
• Care and support orphans and vulnerable Children and HIV/AIDS families;
• Enhancement of community empowerment trainings; ICT promotion and development in the local area and capacity building for community based organizations.

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Manual work and Intercultural activities:
• Tasks of the volunteer in the project will be teaching: Languages (Any of these subjects English, French and Germany) Mathematics and Science
• Development of club activities in the school
• Promotion of sports and extra curriculum activities such as physical education; working in the school garden
• Submit Project Report to KVDA

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

The project is located on the shores of Lake Victoria renowned for the fresh water and abundance of nature.

The volunteers have an opportunity to have excursions including boat ride, visit to Kisumu famed with the Hippo Point among other spectacular sites of interest.

KVDA offers educational tours to spectacular sites including the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve at separate fees. Please contact us for specific tour information.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

• Shining Star ECDC and Orphans School is located in Migori County, Nyatike Sub-county, Muhuru division, Muhuru -East location in Tagache Sub-location, along Muhuru-Migori road.
• The School was founded in 1999 by Mr. Hevrone Killmess Mairah due to lack of access to educational institutions in the area due to its remote setting, challenges posed by orphans the majority of whose parents are ravaged by HIV/AIDS pandemic and the high illiteracy levels within the community coupled high unemployment.
• In 2000 the school had a good number of children and 3 teachers and the community enjoyed the being of Shining Star.
• In 2001 the school was temporarily closed due to the conflict within the local community until 2002 when this was resolved and the community agreed to host the School at the local Church due to lack of classroom buildings.
• 2003 the land was bought and demarcation done.
• In 2005 the first classroom was built by a volunteer called Steffi Rahn a 19-year old from Germany.
• 2009 started hosting volunteers from KVDA courtesy of the Germany Government sponsored program “Weltwaerts” that afforded young Germans an opportunity to volunteer in Kenya for the duration of one year.
• 2011 Shining Star was registered with the Kenyan Government as a learning institution.
• 2012 started building dormitory for both orphans and those having parents with the help of former KVDA volunteer from Germany named Daniel, which structure has since been completed.
• 2013 the School started goat farming and poultry farming that is still underway. It also set aside space for an orphanage home and new toilets that are already finished.
• There are more plans in the pipeline e.g. Agriculture, Business loaning for the widows and youths, competitive sports between local clubs and the School where trophies, balls and other gifts will be awarded to the participating teams
• The School has a population of over 360 children, 11 teachers and 5 support staff.
• The School has classes from Kindergarten to Standard eight.
• Shining Star ECDC and Orphans School is a community based education institution and caters for the needs of the orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) that had been rendered destitute.
• Fishing is the mainstay of the local community thanks to the expansive Lake Victoria.
• Due to the easy cash courtesy of the Lake, young people have been lured to drop out of School to engage in fishing and this has negatively impacted on the community since it has resulted in early marriages, school drop outs, early and unplanned pregnancies not forgetting the spread of HIV/AIDS that has resulted in increased number of OVC’s in the community.
• Community empowerment is crucial in achieving the overall objective of attaining sustainable development.

Aangezien je in dit project met kinderen gaat werken, stellen wij het verplicht om een VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) aan te vragen.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

What to carry?
This is outlined in the detailed info sheet and includes, sleeping bag and mat, toiletries, torch/flashlight, sandals, mosquito net, national flag from your country, among others
These are usually symbolic gestures to enhance the solidarity of volunteers and the hosting community. Kindly contact KVDA for details in case you are willing to support a worthy cause in the community either by offering a donation or long-term intervention on the project.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

THEME: Empower the marginalized community
• The community hosting the project is predominantly Luo speaking but on the edge of marginalization despite the fact that the Luo people constitute the majoritarian ethnicity in Africa.
• The mainstay of the community is small scale farming and fishing as they reside on the shores of the legendary Lake Victoria.
• High poverty levels, unemployment, deprivation and skewed allocation of resources by the political elite has driven the majority of the people to desperation as they are determined to create space to earn a living and support the extended families.
• This project aims at raising the bar for the people to be aware of their immediate circumstances in order to endeavor to become agents of their own destiny.
• Involvement of national and international volunteers is aimed at enhancing the capacities through the sharing of the best practices and this can only be effective when conducted in an environment where the key players are determined to render service to the community through volunteering.

Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 345, exclusief € 50 korting voor studenten en jongeren onder de 18.

Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van € 300.


Shining Star ECDC and Orphans School




Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers

20 (8 mannen en 12 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 300