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Soort werk
22 juni t/m 6 juli
Sustainable Development Goals
4. Kwaliteitsonderwijs
Aantal deelnemers
8 (4 mannen en 4 vrouwen)

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Activating kids in the city camp and providing them with cross-cultural learning experience. Volunteers will do it by using various informal methods of teaching as well as small group techniques. The activities to be held by a team of volunteers may include the following: playing the games and performing music that are popular in the countries the volunteers represent; training kids to perform pieces of amateur drama; preparing festivals; providing intellectual and sport games as well as discussions; preparing quests to combine with excursions round the places of interest; organizing actions for peace and nature protection; leading and supporting kids in their work on the team projects within the topics related to the main theme of the summer. Volunteers are responsible for the day activities in the camp. The work can be quite heavy, involving long working hours, requiring high level of commitment and responsibility. You will stay with campers from 10:00 to 17:00 (45-minute lunch is included) and spend about another hour to prepare and finalize next day activities and feedback. Working days are from Monday to Friday plus one duty Saturday; Sundays are days off except the one after arrival. The local participants are mainly youngsters from minority groups of Tallinn whose family s languages include Russian. Based on the previous year, we expect a number of kids and teen participants in one camp shift as up to 40. Volunteers will work in pairs facilitating and leading a smaller group of 10 - 12 children or less during the day and change the groups every 2-3 days.During the first three days of the camp right after arrival, volunteers will be given a training on the camp methodology and some time to prepare themselves to meet the kids/teens on Monday and further carry out their tasks in the camp. For this reason, it is important to arrive on time.

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There are 2 options possible (which are the subject to availability):1) The premises of The Language School In Down-Town located on the 4th and 5th floors of a business building in the city centre. In summer time, a part of the school is reserved for the volunteers accommodation that includes several separate dormitory bedrooms, equipped kitchen, a small dining area, a large shower area and two separate toilet cabins. Bed linen, pillows and blankets will be provided, so you do NOT need to bring a sleeping bag unless you want so. For the reasons of security, volunteers will be issued only one set of keys. To facilitate a smooth and safe environment at school during the off-hours, the entrance to the school must be kept closed at all times. The access to the school and accommodation areas will be managed by long-term volunteers or school staff. Please be aware that between 01:00 a.m. and 09:00 a.m. the access to the building will be closed. Catering will be organized by the school on an agreement with the volunteers (selection of times, meals - provided or volunteers cook, etc.). 2) A furnished shared apartment in the residential area of Tallinn. Volunteers will be issued two sets of keys. The apartment has three-four dormitory bedrooms and all necessary facilities, and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center by public transport. Public transport cards will be provided. Volunteers will cook their breakfast meals themselves (food for a standard European breakfast will be provided); dinner meals will be served at school between 18:00 and 19:00; lunches will be organized for the whole camp (including kids/teens) in the city centre.NB: it is not possible to stay at any of the camp accommodation options before or after the camp arrival and departure days. If you need a place to stay before or after the workcamp dates, we can help you to book a hostel in Tallinn.

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LocationCamp takes place in the school that is situated in the center of Tallinn, Estonian capital Leisure timeThere are a lot of possibilities for leisure time activities as the camp takes place in the capital where one can find attractions for all tastes: sightseeing and museums, festivals, concerts, live music, pubs, etc. The camp provides an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with young Estonians and to experience the local life.

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This project is organized for local children by The Language School In Down-Town and the non-profit educational association Alternative Language Programs Satellite (ALPS) as part of their annual activities on multicultural issues for youth. Some international teenage participants will join. The common project s aim is to introduce the diversity of world cultures to children and provide them with good practices in intercultural communication using the learning-by-doing method and organizing alternative English language practice. The project gets youngsters familiar with customs and traditions of the countries from all over the world and encourages them to develop their cross-cultural thinking and tolerance as well as global thinking and individual initiative. This summer we offer you to participate in our new project called MATRIX . Camp participants will learn about different meanings of this word. Together, we will identify the ways how to improve the matrix of the modern world, how to become a better version of ourselves and how to develop our emotional intelligence. Camp participants will acquire life skills that they will need to create their own codes for personal matrices that will have power to change their life for the better. They are the smart matrices of our personalities, souls, love and success, well-being and happy life. Meetings with local and/or international professionals in the field will take place. Thematic photo and video contests for camp participants will be organized.

Aangezien je in dit project met kinderen gaat werken, stellen wij het verplicht om een VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) aan te vragen.

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Special requirementsYou have to be really motivated to work with kids. Please provide a letter of your motivation along with the application form. An experience of working with children is an advantage. Your ideas and actual preparation to do the activities for kids are essential, so accepted volunteer will be required to meet the team online to discuss and complete some preliminary preparation. We ask you to bring some materials: postcards, posters, symbols of your country, music or popular national games etc., which can be used during your country presentation. We expect active volunteers with a good knowledge of history and culture of their country able and willing to present it to others in a creative way. B2 level of English is required. The age of volunteers is from 20 to 30. Please note that before making a final decision about your participation in the camp, the project coordinator will have a video interview with you.ArrivalVolunteers are expected to arrive to the camp location before 12:00 on a day the shift starts (namely, Saturday 10.06; Saturday 22.06; Friday 19.07; Friday 02.08)Volunteers are expected to arrive by the official start of the project; please make sure that you are at school on time and choose to arrive one day before in case there is no flight to be taken to arrive by 12:00 in the morning on your first project day.Due to volunteers work with minors we expect them to provide a criminal clearance and a doctor s check certificate including tuberculosis clearance. Please make sure that you have a travel insurance certificate as wellIMPORTANT: Unless there are any special anti-COVID measures for minors announced by the Estonian Government on the date of your arrival, no medical or green-pass certificates are required. Before travelling please check information on the website or or Participation feeWe ask participants to contribute 50 Euro towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make it, please contact your sending organization for a solution. If you apply for two shifts in a row the participation fee is 80 Euro.

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NB It is possible to apply to join for 2 shifts in a row EST DT1 EST DT2 or EST DT3 EST DT4

Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 345, exclusief € 50 korting voor studenten en jongeren onder de 18.

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8 (4 mannen en 4 vrouwen)


20 t/m 32 jaar

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€ 50


Sustainable Development Goal

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