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Care for the „Schachten-meadows” in Gumpenried!

In het kort:
Soort werk
10 t/m 20 september
Sustainable Development Goals
13. Klimaatactie, 15. Leven op het land
Aantal deelnemers
10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)

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Get active for the mountain pastures in the Bavarian Forest and help to protect these ecosystems and their valuable biodiversity!

You will work mainly on the slopes of the 'Arber', the highest mountain in the Bavarian/ Bohemian Forest. The mountain pastures here have an important meaning for the animal and plant life. The savannah-like landscapes and light, structurally rich forests are a legacy of earlier times on which many of today's animal and plant species, such as the capercaillie or the Hungarian gentian, depend. For example, wood ants settle in bright, sunny spots, which in turn are an extremely important food source for the capercaillie chicks.

Some of the conservation work you will be doing is in line with the European nature protection guidelines (Fauna, Flora, Habitat Directive; FFH). The work includes:

- Brightening up the forest and thinning out the older, dense woody growth (especially spruce trees).

-Removal of young woody growth (especially spruce) on the pastures.

- Thinning out old, woody blueberry stands by mulching once.

You will also work with the forestry department and pasture experts on the “Schachten” pastures). The work here includes:

- Protection of the Hungarian gentian – Install wooden fencing to protect against bites of wildlife.

- Planting of willow trees: - Planting of field maple and beech as pasture trees – Install wooden fencing to protect against bites of wildlife.

The work will be led by forest workers and rangers, so no previous experience is needed. Some days, you might be split up in smaller groups to do different tasks. You will work around 30 hours per week, somewhere between 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday with a 1-2 hour lunchbreak.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

During the two weeks you will be living in one of the forestry department’s huts close to a small village with a train station, “Gumpenried-Asbach”. The forestry hut Gumpenried is located in the middle of a forest and very close to the river “Schwarzer Regen”. Not changed a lot by humans, the river is freely winding through the forest. The region around Gumpenried is therefore also called 'Bavarian Canada'.

Have you ever wanted to try living off-grid? Then this might be a good opportunity: The accommodation is simple and cosy and delivers a real forestry atmosphere. Electricity only runs with photovoltaic panels and there are additional gaslights! In case of emergency there is also a generator that runs with fuel. The heating works with a central wood oven. For cooking there is a gas stove. T

he accommodation has two levels with a community space, a kitchen, toilets and a bathroom. There is hot water, but it remains exciting for you to find out how many showers are enough. There are three dorm rooms with space for 15 people.

The location is ideal to explore the nature of the surroundings. With the train station in reach you are also able to explore the greater region within your free time.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

Excursions will be mainly to explore the nature – some of them under the professional guidance of rangers. Hiking will be an essential part.

Excursions to bigger cities will not be possible due to the isolated location in the middle of the Bavarian forest. So this camp is a great possibility to stay in the middle of the forest for two weeks and enjoy your time in the international group with a beautiful nature surrounding you.

Onderstaande informatie komt direct van onze partnerorganisatie en wordt daarom niet in het Nederlands weergegeven.

The “Schachten” are traditionally used mountain pastures in the Bavarian Forest. Although many former pastures have been abandoned in the past, some of the grassland remains managed until today. In the huge forest area, the “Schachten” are almost the only open spaces and often offer wonderful views of the Bavarian Forest. Individual shelter trees remained on the meadows to provide shady resting places for the animals. These solitary trees are often ancient and marked by wind and weather. However, many of the former meadow trees have already disappeared.

The “Schachten”, which are mainly covered with mat grass, are now increasingly overgrown with other types of grass or blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. A few still contain botanical rarities such as Hungarian gentian, arnica and various types of monkshood.

Today the traditional pasture management with animals is getting less profitable. This causes abandonment and leads to overgrowth of the pastures and ultimately to the establishment of a forest. Today, conservation management is often done by volunteers. In this case you will be actively supporting the conservation of these threatened cultural landscapes.

The ecological enhancement is intended to increase the nature conservation value, focus on traditional grazing and raise awareness to the public. In this project you will support conservation efforts for the traditional pastures in cooperation with the local nature protection agencies, the forestry department and the local nature protection caretaker. Apart from them, the nature reserve of the Bavarian Forest as well as the local villages and experts for pasture management are also involved in this project.

Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 345, exclusief € 50 korting voor studenten en jongeren onder de 18.


Care for the „Schachten-meadows” in Gumpenried!


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Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


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